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Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed

[PA Law Practice Management] President Obama Appears on Jimmy Fallon
The political issue is whether or not to increase the interest rate on student loans.  A large segment of our young population has a stake in the outcome.  Our president makes effective use of social media to take this matter to the public for support.  This is not a new strategy for President Obama.  He ran an effective campaign by utilizing this powerful communication medium far better than his opponents.  And it’s clear he has not lost his edge in this regard.   The video, entitled “...
[Law Practice Advisor] Improve Your Practice FAST: Attend the MBA's GP, Solo & Small Firm Conference and Networking Event on May 10
Leading Massachusetts legal professionals will offer solutions to the daily challenges of running a solo or small general practice. Popular and provocative attorneys such as Robert J. Ambrogi, Gabriel Cheong, and Jared D. Correia will share practical tips and best practices. Conference attendees will enjoy cutting-edge information on: The best (and sometimes free) ways to make your information and documents available anywhere Running  your small office lean & mean, but accessing...
[Avoid a Claim] New in the Lending Library: Locked Down: Information Security for Lawyers
In the paper world keeping client data confidential was easy and cheap. In the digital world, its difficult and expensive, and the job is never truly done. The authors of Locked Down (Sharon D. Nelson, David G. Reis and John W. Simek) believe that law firms are not doing enough to protect electronic client data. The reason for this is a combination of ignorance of the IT world, expense and a belief that “it can’t happen to us”. As a result, law firms are being...
[Compujurist] Google Announces Google Drive – Finally!
Thanks to liliputing for being one of the first to announce that Google has finally released it's much rumored and awaited Google Drive. For years, users of Gmail and Google Docs waited for the ability to use their accounts to store more than just email and documents. That day has finally arrived with Google's official introduction of the service on it's blog. You know can store up to 5GB of not only the documents you create using Google Docs, but your videos, photos, PDFs and more.
[SC Small Firm] Keep your flash drive safe
Since flash drives can easily be lost or stolen, it’s critical that you adequately protect any important data you have saved on one. You can make sure your data is safe by saving it on a flash drive that is encrypted. There are several programs designed to encrypt drives. DiskCryptor is one such program that encrypts both internal and external drives. Truecrypt is another free program that allows you to encrypt flash drives. Another option for protecting data on flash drives is simply...
[Slaw: Dan Pinnington] Post-Matter Client Service Survey
The following is adapted from practicePRO's Managing a Better Professional Services Firm, and it and the other Managing booklets are available here. A post-matter client survey is one of the best ways to collect information about what clients thought about the services you provided to them. Make sure your survey is structured to help you identify specific areas for improvement. Ideally, it should include some open-ended questions. For major or top-billing clients, consider sending a...
[Avoid a Claim] Commercial debt collection scam by Leo Esaki of Akita Patent Law Office
Lawyers in Ontario and Texas have told us they’ve received emails from the purported Leo Esaki of Akita Patent Law Office with regards to a commercial debt litigation scam. For examples of other names attached to this kind of fraud see our Confirmed Fraud Page. For an explanation of how this fraud works see our Fraud Fact Sheet. Here is the initial email: From: Leo Esaki [] Sent: Monday, April 23, 2012 8:51 AM To: lawyer name Subject: DEBT COLLECTION I am Leo Esaki...
[Avoid a Claim] Business debt collection scam by Patricia Zimmerman
Lawyers in Ontario and the US have notified us that they’ve received an email from the purported Patricia Zimmerman looking to retain them with regards to a breach of a business loan agreement. This is similar to other frauds of this kind we have seen. For a full description of how this fraud works and to see other names attached to it, see our Confirmed Fraud page that deals with business load frauds. Here is the initial email. From: Patricia Zimmerman []...
[Oregon Law Practice Management] Being Paid By Someone Other Than Your Client?
May a client’s family member, friend, employer, legal services plan, or insurance company foot your bill?  The answer is yes, so long as: The client gives informed consent; The third party does not interfere with the lawyer’s “independence of professional judgment or with the client-lawyer relationship;” and The client’s confidential information is protected (or the client [...]
[PA Law Practice Management] Accessories for Your iPad
We all know about cases and keyboard accessories for the iPad.  But there’s a lot more available, and more coming all the time. A recent CNET Photo Review covers a number of new accessories, along with some we know about, and provides helpful links to explore the possibilities.