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The Tennessee Bar Association has a variety of resources and practical information on law office management issues available to help members better serve clients and practice more efficiently and effectively.

Below you will find the Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed, brought to you by the Law Office Technology & Management Section of the Tennessee Bar Association. "PMA Pipes" is an RSS newsfeed that was designed by the ABA's Legal Technology Resource Center. It combines posts from the blogs of Practice Management Advisors from across the United States, as well as the ABA's Site-tation blog, into one convenient location. The blogs brought to you by this feed include: Law Practice Matters, Reid My Blog, Law Practice Tips, Law Practice Advisor, The Last Word, Thoughtful Legal Management, and Compujurist, among others.

Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed

[Law Practice Advisor] Girl’s (and Boy’s) Guide to Law School (and Practice Start-Up Considerations): Some More Tips from LOMAP
I recently had the distinct pleasure of contributing three guest posts to Alison Monahan’s ‘The Girl's Guide to Law School’. (I’m not sure Alison quite wanted three posts; but, that's what I wrote, and that is what she probably felt compelled to use, probably in order to save my feelings.) The three posts are framed as my answers to three questions posed by Alison, in the guise of the everywoman (or everyman) law student. You can find my long-winded responses, across the various queries, as...
[Slaw: Dan Pinnington] Dealing With Difficult Clients
Dealing with difficult clients is one of the most challenging parts of practising law. Difficult clients can be very hard to satisfy, and they can be frustrating, demanding and even upsetting. They often ignore your advice. They sometimes treat you badly, or (even worse) treat your staff badly. Lastly, they can be unhappy with the progress of the case, no matter how hard you have worked or how good the results are. In her paper, Dealing with the Difficult Client, Justice Carole Curtis passes...
[Avoid a Claim] A “map of fraud”
Our primary goal when we started posting all the fraud warnings we do was the protection of LAWPRO-insured lawyers, most of whom reside in Ontario. An unexpected result has been the response from lawyers outside Ontario. When these lawyers receive a suspicious email and search Google, the warnings on AvoidaClaim are often the first result, and they’ll then forward the email to us. Of the nearly 2,300 emails we’ve received since January 2011 alerting us to the latest fraud...
[Slaw: Dan Pinnington] Leveraging Generational Diversity in Law
The following article by Nora Spinks, president of Work-Life Harmony Enterprises appeared in the Winter 2008 edition of LAWPRO Magazine. The original article also features sidebar interviews with law firms that are making great efforts to address the issue of changing demographics in the workplace. They, them, those … each generation assessing the others. Generational diversity is quickly becoming one of the top stressors in organizations. With five distinct generational characteristics...
[Law Practice Management & Technology - Chicago Bar] Is Your Website An Advertisement?
A recent ethics opinion from the ISBA Professional Conduct Advisory Opinion (Opinion No. 12-04 January 2012), primarily regarding the use of “Promotional Material” in lieu of the proper “Advertising Materials”, noted that a law firm website is not a direct solicitation, thus did not need apply the “Advertising Material” label on the site: While firm [...]
[Law Practice Management & Technology - Chicago Bar] Favorite Android Apps
Read about tips and apps for lawyers using Android phones in the AttorneyatWork blog post “Favorite Android Apps for Lawyers“: If you think the “i” guys are the only ones with apps to brag about, think again. Some of the big names in legal technology proudly carry Android devices, and they’ve got plenty of apps [...]
[Law Practice Management & Technology - Chicago Bar] Make Your Hard Drive Picture Perfect
See one of my past posts to the AttorneyatWork blog “Make Your Hard Drive Picture Perfect“: You have your computer backup strategy carefully planned. Your files are backed up in three locations, your servers are in a RAID array, you have all your installation disks and license numbers handy, and you have a test restore [...]
[Law Practice Management & Technology - Chicago Bar] You Are Backing Up Your Gmail, Right?
See one of my past posts to the AttorneyatWork blog “You Are Backing Up Your Gmail, Right?“: Google’s Gmail has made news in the past couple of years by “losing” users’ e-mail—often years’ worth. While these outages have primarily affected the free Gmail service, even access to the paid Google Apps has occasionally been lost. [...]
[Slaw: Dan Pinnington] Social Media Pitfalls to Avoid
The following article appeared in the December 2009 edition of LAWPRO Magazine. Although social media sites offer lawyers many interesting new ways to interact with people in both personal and work spheres, there are some risks associated with using them. Some of these risks are obvious, some are not. Before they venture into social networking, lawyers should consider Section 5.5 of the Law Society’s Practice Management Guideline on Technology (“Technology Guideline”). It states, “Lawyers...
[Slaw: Dan Pinnington] Online Resources for Students and New Lawyers
Law school teaches students how to think like lawyers, but not how to BE lawyers. With that in mind, practicePRO has created the New Lawyer Resource page containing what we feel are the best resources we have to offer to new and soon-to-be-lawyers. The page has two aims: 1) to help newly minted lawyers figure out things like managing a practice, marketing, and client relations, and 2) its an introduction to the large amount of risk and practice management articles, precedents, checklists and...