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Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed

[PMATips] Add a Privacy Filter to Your Laptop
If you occasionally work on your laptop in a coffee shop, an airport, a meeting room, any public place, is your work protected from the curious eyes of the people around you? Adding a privacy filter to your screen will narrow the viewing angle so that only the person looking directly at the screen has a readable view. These filters also help protect the screens from damage and reduce glare. The filters are available at most office supply stores and from online retailers in a wide range...

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[Avoid a Claim] Trademark infringement scam by Lily Wang targets Ontario lawyers
Two Ontario lawyers have just reported to us that they received the following message from the purported Lily Wang. This scam is very similar to other breach licence scams we have seen over the last several months. It is a setup to dupe a lawyer into wiring good funds from a trust account after depositing a fraudulent cheque received in payment of damages. Here is a copy of the message the lawyers received: From: Lily Wang [] Sent: Wednesday, May 16, 2012 12:33...
[Law Practice Management & Technology - Chicago Bar] Slidedeck from How to… Acrobat for Litigators now online
The How to… Acrobat for Litigators slide deck is now online . The recording will be online shortly. Stay tuned!
[Thoughtful Legal Management] Web-Based Dispute Resolution Systems Gain Traction (“ODR”)
♫ The spheres’re in commotion The elements in harmony She blinded me with science “She blinded me with science!” And hit me with technology…♫ Lyrics and Music by Thomas Dolby and Jonathan Kerr, recorded by Thomas Dolby. This is a guest post by my friend and colleague, Christy Burke, written today for the blog Legal IT Professionals.  With her permission I have reproduced it here. Web-Based Dispute Resolution Systems Gain Traction as Court Delays and Low Value Disputes...
[Oregon Law Practice Management] Organizing Paper Files
Why am I writing about how to organize your paper files when going “paperless” is all the rage?  Because 6,269 views of Setting Up an Effective Filing System tells me there is still a demand for information on this subject. I uploaded Setting Up an Effective Filing System to Slideshare three years ago.  The article first appeared in the [...]
[Avoid a Claim] Use Google Maps to help clients find your office
How often do you find yourself giving new clients directions to your office? Google Maps offers a great tool for creating a map that will show clients the location of your office. Go to and type your office address into the search box. Click on the link icon (look for an icon with 3 chain links at the top right corner of your screen). This will open a pop-up that will give you a URL link you can use to access that same map. Send that link to a new client via email and they...
[Slaw: Dan Pinnington] Suggestions on Implementing Appropriate Internal Financial Controls in Your Office
Ideally, your office should have clearly established internal controls for handling and documenting all types of financial transactions. These internal controls are really just policies and procedures that direct what steps should be taken when various financial transactions occur. Although a lack of internal controls does not necessarily constitute a breach of the Rules of Professional Conduct or By-laws, you may consider implementing internal controls to assist your efforts to comply. The...
[PA Law Practice Management] What’s New in the New iPad?
Interesting that the new iPad, which one would think would be called iPad3, is called, simply, iPad.  Well, a rose by any other name may not boast the same stellar video and 4LTE speed.  Read this article from Law Technology News (reprinted on which gives you a good analysis of what’s new, and why it may be worth your upgrade dollars. I’m not rushing to relace my iPad2 based on the upgrades.  But I am fully prepared to be jealous of those who do get the new model.
[SC Small Firm] Organizing your replies in Outlook
If you’ve ever tried to find a reply you sent by searching the Sent folder for it, then you know that it’s no easy task! There’s a much easier way to keep track of your replies in Outlook. You can have Outlook automatically save the replies you send with the original message instead. The catch is, this only works with personal folders; not your inbox. Replies to anything in your inbox will still be saved in the Sent folder. This works wonderfully for your personal folders...
[Avoid a Claim] Toronto area lawyer contacted on a “We built a website for you” hacking attempt
An Oakville lawyer advised us of a new scam that appears to be a brazen attempt to gain access to a law firm’s computers. Someone identifying himself as Mason Saunders called the firm this morning and asked to speak directly to the lawyer by name. He indicated to the lawyer that he was calling further to a discussion with a clerk at the firm 3 weeks ago. The caller referenced the clerk by name and indicated he had been authorized to create a website for the firm. The caller then...