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Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed

[Oregon Law Practice Management] LinkedIn Phishing Scam
If you receive a message entitled “LinkedIn Security Notice” informing you that your LinkedIn account has been closed for lack of activity, it is a known phishing attempt. I suspected as much and contacted LinkedIn. If you receive a potentially fraudulent email appearing to originate from LinkedIn, DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS WITHIN THE EMAIL MESSAGE. Promptly notify [...]
[PMATips] 20+ Tools and Apps for Bloggers -07/12/11
Dan Pinnington, Practice Management Advisor and practicePRO Director for Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company in Toronto, Canada, recently linked to a list of resources designed to make blogging easier. If you are a blogger or interested in improving the quality of your blog, take a few minutes to read “20+ Essential Tools and Applications for Bloggers.” The list includes resources to help you to organize your thoughts, develop interesting content, find keywords for search engine...

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[Avoid a Claim] Breach of contract matter fraud by Mr Winky Lau of UNI IND (HK) LTD
Several Ontario lawyers recieved the below message from the purported Winky Lau of UNI IND (HK) LTD. There are dozens of examples on the web of this exact message, although this the name Winky Lau appears to be new. The message one lawyer recieved is reproduced here: From: Mr Winky Lau Date: July 13, 2011 4:42:45 AM EDT To: lawyer name Subject: Please call me at this phone number: Message Body: Hello Attorney, This is a request for your possible represenatation in...
[Avoid a Claim] Real estate bad cheque deposit scam by Chung Mao
We have receieved a report that a long-running real estate scam that has often appeared under the name Shiukmoda Joji or Jyoung Chung Tu now has a new name attached: Chung Mao. It appears to be a bad cheque deposit scam. In this type of scam the fraudster pretends interest in a property and sends a certified deposit cheque or bank draft that will be deposited in the lawyer’s trust account. Soon after, some reason will be given for backing out of the deal and the fraudster will ask for his...
[Avoid a Claim] Commercial debt collection scam by Glendale Truck and Equipment Corp
We have received numerous reports of lawyers being contacted with regards to commercial debt collection by Glendale Truck & Equipment Corp. The names associated with this scam are Mark Branson and Tom Paplia. It is similar in nature to attempted frauds we’ve seen under the names Anita Khan, Mark Rudic and Richard Abramovic. For full details on how this kind of fraud works see our Fraud Fact Sheet. Here is an example of an intitial contact email: From: Tom Paplia To:...
[Law Practice Advisor] Guest Post: The Small, Portable, iPad Office
Given that none of us here at the LOMAP office are heavy Apple users (unless you count Rodney’s iPhone, my thralldom to iTunes and the fact that Rachel eats apple cores--it’s disgusting, I know; just be thankful that you’ve never seen her do it), it makes sense that we’d call in some heavier artillery to address Apple-related technology matters from time to time, here at the blog, especially in consideration of the large, and increasing, number of lawyers using Apple products within their...
[PA Law Practice Management] It’s a Dangerous Computing World
Are computers and other devices arriving infected right out of the box? Unbelievable? Read on. Jennifer Ellis’ recent blog post entitled “Does Your New Computer Have Malware On It Before You Even Turn It On?” is yet another in a continuing stream of scary computing news.
[Avoid a Claim] Commercial debt collection scam by James Gilliard
In recent days two Ontario lawyers have informed us that they have been contacted by a James Gilliard of South Carolina looking to collect on a local commercial debt. The emails are similar to fraud attempts we have seen under the names Mark Lawson, Mark Ludic and Ma Li Ni. One of the lawyers also received cheques from an American bank to “repay” the debt even before any demand letter had been sent. Here is an example of the message that gets sent if a lawyer resonds to the...
[Oregon Law Practice Management] Understanding Track Changes in Word 2010
I’ve blogged before about Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks and described how to strip out coding when converting a document from Word to WordPerfect. Now that I’ve worked with Office 2010 for a while, it seemed like high time to revisit the subject of tracked changes. If you’re a Word 2007 user, don’t despair. See this post on JD [...]
[Thoughtful Legal Management] Email Management Tip
♬ Who would have guessed That it’s as simple as it seems…♬ Lyrics and Music by: Katy Perry, Glen Ballard, and Arnold Matthiew, recorded by Katy Perry and Glen Ballard. Email is the bane of most lawyers and law offices. It has become a real problem handling the volume of incoming emails. Fortunately there are three tools that can help tame the email beast provided that you are using Microsoft Outlook as your email client. These are “SimplyFile”, “EZDetach” and “Adobe Acrobat...