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Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed

[Slaw: Dan Pinnington] LinkedIn Password Breach Reported – Change Your LinkedIn Password Immediately
A post on the TheNextWeb site indicates that a Norweigan IT webite, Dagens IT, reported the breach. That site indicates that 6.5 million encrypted LinkedIn passwords have been posted to a Russian hacker site. LinkedIn has responded that they are looking into the breach. To be safe, LinkedIn users should change their passwords immediately. For more passwords tips, see this article from Law Practice Magazine: Don't Be Passé With Passwords: Best Practices for Staying Safe.
[Law Technology Today] Adobe Acrobat X Pro: Redaction Tutorial
In the past, redaction could be a tedious (and expensive) nightmare.  Lengthy copies of documents would have to be printer, carefully examined word-for-word, and redacted manually with a thick black marker.  With Adobe Acrobat X Pro, you can quickly redact documents using a variety of built-in tools.  In this tutorial, we address: Using search-and-redact to easily locate sensitive information throughout a document. Customizing the color and style of the redaction marks. Redacting text, images...
[PMATips] Transitioning to Office 2010 – 06/05/12
If you are making the move to Office 2010, and are worried about the “Ribbon”, Microsoft has created several handy references to help.  The site Transition to the Office Ribbon, provides interactive and downloadable resources.  The Interactive Guide lets you click on an item in the 2003 version of the application and it shows you where that menu item is in the 2010 version.  This resource is also available in a downloadable Excel format.  The site also provides Keyboard Shortcut references and...

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[Avoid a Claim] Real estate bad cheque fraud by Kin Hang Cheung
An Ontario lawyer notified us that they were targeted by a real estate bad cheque scam by the purported Kin Hang Cheung. A (probably unsuspecting) real estate agent sent his office the Agreement of Purchase of Sale, copy of ID and cheque (below). The lawyer suspected fraud and got in touch with LAWPRO. The “buyer” claimed to be out of the country and paying through his stock broker, as per the email below. For more information on how this fraud works and other names attached...
[Law Practice Management & Technology - Chicago Bar] Fastcase Releases App for Android
In the news for lawyers using the Android operating system on their mobile devices, the much anticipated Fastcase app for Android is now available.  Read my quick review at AttorneyatWork: For lawyers who do not have a Fastcase account at all, this app—like the Fastcase iPhone app—allows you to search, browse, read and save statutes and cases [...]
[Law Technology Today] IBM Opened Pandora’s Box When It Embraced BYOD
John and I loathe BYOD. It is a security nightmare. While most business agree, many have felt compelled to embrace BYOD (bring your own device) because, frankly, employees (and sometimes senior management) demanded it. Reading the story of IBM’s experience with BYOD is unnerving. It is sometimes argued that BYOD will save a company money. IBM’s CIO, Jeanette Horan, says it doesn’t save money – it just creates headaches because employees’ devices are full of...
[Compujurist] Fastcase Releases its Free Android Legal Research App, Android Users Rejoice!
I am happy to report that this is been rectified with the release of the new free Android app for Fastcase today. Once you install and register the app (free for anyone). you are presented with a simple and uncluttered home screen that presents you with three options: 1) search case Law; 2) search statues; or 3) browse statutes.
[PA Law Practice Management] Google Knowledge Graph
I keep track of changes in search engines through the popular “ Web Search” blog.  The most recent post informed me about the new Google Knowledge Graph.  This is something that I’ve been hoping would appear in a “mainstream” search engine for a long time.  Instead of bringing up tons of matching words, we’re getting closer to a conceptual search wtih this new algorithm.  I think you’ll find it much more useful. By the way, if you’ve not...
[Law Practice Tips Blog] Efficient legal document production for lawyers
There are many changes ahead for us in the future. But one set of changes that that I see impacting lawyers and law firms in the near future involves how we produce documents and bill for documents. There are some...
[Slaw: Dan Pinnington] Real Estate Lawyers: The Buck Stops With You
The following article appears in the May/June 2012 edition of LAWPRO Magazine. It is available at LAWPRO is seeing far too many real estate claims where the lawyers handling the deals are making or not catching fairly basic errors. Often these mistakes result from errors made by clerks – all or most of which the lawyer could’ve and should’ve caught. Common mistakes include: Not catching errors in legal descriptions Missing executions Not doing searches Not...