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Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed

[Slaw: Dan Pinnington] Second Set of Proposed Regulations Under Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation
The July 9 issue of the Canada Gazette was published and it includes the second set of proposed regulations under Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL). These are the Governor in Council regulations from Industry Canada, not to be confused with the CRTC regulations that were pre-published last week for consultation. You can read the pre-publication in the Gazette here: The consultation period for these proposed regulations is 60 days.
[Compujurist] Are there Alternatives to Dropbox?
Dropbox has quickly become a widely used product and service with a good reputation at least up until recently. In the last few months, Dropox has made a number of misstatements and gaffes regarding who has access to your data and to what extent that Dropbox could make of it. From a lawyers perspective, Dropbox should not be used for confidential or other sensitive data unless it's been encrypted prior to uploading to your Dropbox account.
[Avoid a Claim] Collaborative family law scam by Sandra Natsuko
To round off one of the busiest weeks of fraud notifications we’ve had, here is yet another collaborative family law scam: this time from Sandra Natsuko. She joins Christiana Andreasson, Yoshiko Kannon, Kanako Yuji and Eiko Akaba as new names we’ve seen this week. Are we seeing more names because the fraudsters realize their frauds are now only a Google search away from being discovered, and they need to come up with new monikers more quickly? Here is the message: Date: Thu,...
[Avoid a Claim] Employee injury settlement fraud by Graham Jackie Lynn
An Ontario lawyer reported to LAWPRO that they received the message reproduced below from someone purporting to be Graham Jackie Lynn. This is the same employee injury settlement scam attempted in the past under the names Sullivan Terry, Karen Clark, Michael Park and Gary Triestman. The message received was as follows: From: Graham jackie lynn Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2011 12:14 PM Subject: Dear Counsel… Dear Counsel, I am seeking legal representation from...
[Avoid a Claim] Collaborative law agreement scan by Christina Andreasson
An Ontario lawyer advised us that she has had extensive correspondence with a collaborative law agreement fraudster going by the name Christina Andreasson. The name is new, but the fraud is similar to those used in previous fraud attempts we have seen by: Zaira Hoshiko, Adrian Benavides, Anita Bell, Kathy Cheung, Peggy Higashi, Beverly Kawashima, and others. A full list is here. Here is a partial transcript of the correspondence and the documentation provided by the fraudster. What is...
[SC Small Firm] Electronics Disposal
Effective July 1, 2011, the South Carolina Manufacturer Responsibility and Consumer Convenience Information Technology Equipment Collection and Recovery Act, S.C. Code Ann. §§48-60-05 – 48-60-150, bans televisions, computers, computer monitors and printers from the solid waste system. To look for recycling options in your area, visit the E-cycle website here . Don’t forget to sanitize your computers, smartphones, copiers and other devices before you recycle them.
[Slaw: Dan Pinnington] Cross-Border Selection of Lawyers: Issues to Consider
This article by Jennifer Ip, Senior Claims Counsel at LAWPRO, follows up on Monday’s post on E&O coverage issues when dealing with foreign law, and appeared in the same December 2010 issue of LAWPRO Magazine. When you shop for a contractor for a home renovation, you are often reminded about the need to ensure your contractor has third party liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance – just in case. Do you ask that same question when you shop for a lawyer outside of...
[PA Law Practice Management] Apple Security Hole Uncovered
Can you believe it? Just as I was about to head out to buy a brand spanking new iPhone4, the news breaks that a significant security hole has been discovered on iPhone, iPad and iPod device software. Apple is aware of it, and is working on a fix. Do I look deterred? I’m not a happy camper, certainly. But any time you put your life’s security on a computer chip, there are risks involved. Nothing eliminates all risk. That doesn’t mean you don’t place as many guards at the...
[PA Law Practice Management] Are Your Computers Fated to Be Hacked?
I know it’s a dangerous world for computing “out there,” but it might be a lot worse than I thought. Computer security has long been a topic of concern for me. You may want to review some past posts including: Improving Computing Security with Stronger Passwords Disposable Email Addresses Who Uses iPad? Has AT&T’s Security Breach Left Them Vulnerable? Another Attorney Trust Account Hit By Online Fraud A Dangerous New Worm Affecting Apple iPhone and iPod Online Banking and...
[ABA Site-tation] Save Money, Time, and Travel Expense with Teleconferencing
Body: Also referred to as audio conferencing, teleconferencing can be a convenient, cost effective and timely alternative to the expense and complexity of coordinating a meeting of distant parties. Negotiations and agreements may be just a phone call away.   Teleconferencing is often part of a suite of business communications services offered as a hosted telecommunications solution. By utilizing a third party provider you avoid the cost of capital expenditures and ongoing maintenance while...