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The Tennessee Bar Association has a variety of resources and practical information on law office management issues available to help members better serve clients and practice more efficiently and effectively.

Below you will find the Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed, brought to you by the Law Office Technology & Management Section of the Tennessee Bar Association. "PMA Pipes" is an RSS newsfeed that was designed by the ABA's Legal Technology Resource Center. It combines posts from the blogs of Practice Management Advisors from across the United States, as well as the ABA's Site-tation blog, into one convenient location. The blogs brought to you by this feed include: Law Practice Matters, Reid My Blog, Law Practice Tips, Law Practice Advisor, The Last Word, Thoughtful Legal Management, and Compujurist, among others.

Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed

[Law Practice Advisor] Not Just a Passing FAD: Email Alerts Make It Hard to Forget Attachments
Last week’s Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyers E-Journal Law Practice Management Section Featured Practice Tip comes from LOMAP. Last week's Tip offered a solution for the pesky problem of forgetting email attachments. Read the Tip here.
[Thoughtful Legal Management] What’s HOT and What’s Not In The Legal Profession
♬ Magical beams ignite your dreams See another world than the one you know The lightening bug glow..♬ Lyrics and music by Cowboy Swami Shaman Fireflies   This is the latest in the “What’s Hot and What’s Not” posts by Bob Denney of Robert Denney Associates, Inc. for June, 2011. As usual, Bob’s analysis of what is happening in the legal profession is not only interesting, it provides great insight into the currents that are underlying the practice of law...
[ABA Site-tation] Five Facebook Fan Pages to help keep you secure
Body: The popularity of Facebook has spawned the creation of viruses and malware that often hide in the games, apps and myriad offers of free iPads and Starbucks cards that accompany the Facebook experience. In response to this growing problem, a number of reputable security organizations have established their own presence to counter the tide of Facebook exploits. “Like” these Facebook pages to stay safe: · Facebook Security –the official source for updates about how to protect your...
[Oregon Law Practice Management] Why Should You Hire a Paralegal?
The short answer? To save time and money! The long answer involves seven excellent points made by Florida paralegal Linda McGrath Cruz, ACP, FRP and Vicki Voisin, The Paralegal Mentor. If you want to increase revenue, free up billable hours, improve delivery of client services, and reduce stress, read this post. Teamwork can make a [...]
[Law Practice Tips Blog] Oklahoma Bar Solo & Small Firm Conference Combines Education and Fun
What Oklahoma event featured football legends Barry Switzer and Billy Sims, along with rock stars Tina Turner and Mick Jagger? The surprising answer is the 2011 OBA Solo and Small Firm Conference. The football legends both attended in person, while...
[Avoid a Claim] LikeHacker’s Always Up-to-Date Guide to Managing Your Facebook Privacy
Keeping up with the changes to Facebook Privacy settings is a never-ending task. The large number of settings makes it very confusing. The LifeHacker blog comes to the rescue with The Always Up-to-Date Guide to Managing Your Facebook Privacy. This comprehensive guide runs through the basic privacy settings that determine what you share, next it looks at deeper settings you’ll want to tweak, and it finishes with a few third-party tools that will help keep your Facebook information private...
[Compujurist] Get to Task Manager with a 3 button shortcut in Windows 7
By now, anyone using windows should be familiar with the 3 finger salute: Control+Alt+Delete, which in Windows XP or earlier opened the Task Manager. You could use Task Manager to kill frozen programs or specific processes. However, that changed in Windows Vista and now in Windows 7
[Slaw: Dan Pinnington] Surviving Self-Represented Litigants
This article by Carole Cochrane originally appeared in the Winter 2006 issue of LAWPRO Magazine. The advice given is just as relevant today. Why do we all shudder on learning that our client’s adversary is self-represented on a litigation file? So often we fail to appreciate opposing counsel – until we hear those dreaded words from our client: “You know, the other side won’t be getting a lawyer.” It is only then that we realize and appreciate the benefit of there being opposing counsel on a...
[Oregon Law Practice Management] The Importance of Staying in Touch
… [I]t is CAO staff’s continued impression that there is a significant failure on the part of many Oregon lawyers to adequately communicate with their clients. This information has again been provided to the bar’s CLE department anticipating that future CLE programs should be developed focusing on communication with clients and keeping clients satisfied. CAO staff also [...]
[Avoid a Claim] Facebook hacked: Change your password to protect yourself
CBC is reporting that Facebook was hacked again. While it doesn’t look like huge numbers of accounts were compromised, it is worth changing your password to protect yourself. And regardless of whether your account was compromised or not, changing your passwords regularly is one of the best things you can do to protect your online identities and accounts. You can learn about other password best practices in this article from Law Practice magazine.