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Practice Management Advisor Pipes Feed

[Law Technology Today] Ethical Perils of Social Media for Lawyers and Judges
Of the 46% of judges using social media, 80% are on Facebook and over 30% are on LinkedIn, but activity on social media presents a number of ethical perils for judges, attorneys, jurors, and litigants. In a recent case in Georgia, a judge stepped down after being scrutinized for sending a friend request to a litigant on his upcoming trial calendar and later releasing her on a personal recognizance bond. Similar activities from other judges and attorneys have resulted in violations of both the...
[Slaw: Dan Pinnington] Would You Take the Bait in a Phishing Scam?
“Phishing” is one of the most common scams that cyber criminals use because it can produce spectacular results with very little effort or expense on the part of the hacker. Phishing involves the use of an email, text message or phone call that appears to come from a trusted source or institution, vendor or company, but is actually from a third-party impostor. Phishing messages are intended to trick you into giving cyber criminals your information by asking you to update or confirm personal or...
[Compujurist] New 100 Best Android Apps List: Just in time for ABA TECHSHOW!
ABA TECHSHOW is fast approaching and in addition to all of the other sessions, there are a number of sessions for Android users. And just in time for TECHSHOW, has come out with their new list of the Best 100 Android Apps. There are a number on the list that can make lawyers lives easier such as Anti-virus and security apps, secure text messaging and communication apps and more.
[Oregon Law Practice Management] Take the Money and Run: $100 to Upgrade Windows XP
Don’t follow the US Government’s lead and play ostrich when it comes to Windows XP. If you have friends or colleagues using this outdated OS, encourage them to take this offer from Microsoft: Thanks Techlicious!
[Law Technology Today] Before Jumping into an Extranet, Ask Yourself: But What Do Our Clients Want?
Since 2009, I’ve offered some form of an extranet to clients for sharing documents, communicating, and general collaboration. In fact, the moment I learned about extranets, I was mildly obsessed. The concept seemed to solve so many problems: no deleted emails or lost attachments, a clear chain of communication, and security. One place for everything! The security point was (and still is) really important to me, especially when it comes to sharing sensitive documents and communication. Email is...
[Avoid a Claim] How law firms can increase their online banking safety
Many law firms manage their trust and regular bank accounts on the Internet, and some firms have the ability to initiate various banking transactions online, including account transfers and wiring funds. While the convenience and efficiency of online banking are huge benefits, the downside is that online banking exposes you to security risks. The steps outlined below will help law firms to understand, address and reduce online banking risks – for both your firm and personal accounts. Know and...
[Oregon Law Practice Management] Rules of the Road for Sharing Fees
Lawyers who are not members of the same firm may only divide fees under Oregon RPC 1.5(d) if the client gives informed consent and the total fee of the lawyers for all services is not clearly excessive. Sound easy?  It is … Continue reading →
[Law Practice Advisor] 99 Passwords, But It Isn’t One: Managing Applications Access
English: The door to the walk-in vault in the Winona Savings Bank in Winona, Minnesota, United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The chief difficulty in having so many programs and applications that we use in our work and personal lives is that we wish to secure much of data we put online — or, if not the data, certainly the accounts which we use to post the data: privately, publicly or semi-publicly. In sum: that’s a lot of passwords to memorize, assuming they’re all different, which...

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[Law Technology Today] Quick Hits Friday: PowerPoint Presentations on the iPad, Google Hangouts
With ABA TECHSHOW next week, Conference Season is here! The wonderful season for added networking, learning and, yes, giving PowerPoint presentations. Since the iPad, however, the experience of presenting has changed. No longer are presenters tied to the stage, tied to a podium or even tied just to using PowerPoint. As speaking veteran Paul Unger points out in the opening of the first of a two-part series, speakers using iPads  are free to move about the stage, or the court room, and engage in...
[Avoid a Claim] Cybersecurity tip: The ‘S’ in https means you are on a safe and secure connection
When logging in on any website, you should always check for a secure connection by checking to see if the web address begins with https://…, as opposed to http://… Look for the “s” which signals that your connection to the website is encrypted and more resistant to snooping or tampering.