TAMALA TEAGUE, as successor personal representative of the ESTATE OF LOLA LEE DUGGAN v. GARNETTE KIDD, ET. AL.

This appeal involves a claim filed by the Administrator of Decedent’s estate to recover monetary assets that were misappropriated from Decedent prior to her death. Administrator alleged that the Kidds depleted Decedent’s monetary assets, thereby breaching a confidential relationship they held with her. The trial court agreed and issued a judgment against the Kidds with prejudgment interest. We affirm the judgment against Wife as modified but reverse the judgment against Husband. The case is remanded.

Attorney 1: 

William J. Brown, Cleveland, Tennessee, for the appellants, Garnette Kidd and William Kidd.

Attorney 2: 

B. Prince Miller, Jr., Cleveland, Tennessee, for the appellee, Tamala Teague, as successor personal representative of the Estate of Lola Lee Duggan.

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