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These questions are optional but are very helpful to the matching process. Information provided may also be used for statistical and evaluative purposes.


By completing and submitting this application to mentor in the TBA Mentoring Program, I am acknowledging that:
• I wish to participate as a mentor in the Tennessee Bar Association Mentoring Program in accordance with its rules and regulations.
• I acknowledge that the information submitted herein is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
• I understand that the mentee to whom I am matched is determined and approved by the Tennessee Bar Association.
• I agree to read and watch the orientation materials that will be sent to me.
• I acknowledge there will be confidentiality guidelines for mentoring relationships which will, consistent with RPC 1.6 (a) RPC 1.6 (b) (4) and RPC1.6 [Comments 4, 4a, and 9], permit the use of hypotheticals or impliedly authorize the use of information to seek advice in conformity with the Rules of Professional Conduct.
• I understand that all information provided to the Tennessee Bar Association in this application will be kept private although it may be shared within the Tennessee Bar Association to administer the program and with the mentee.