DOJ Report: Progress in Tribal Prosecutions

Federal attorneys say they are making progress in tackling crime on tribal lands, but admit to continuing problems. A report released yesterday by the Department of Justice shows improvements in investigations and prosecutions since a 5-year-old study was critical of the agency for turning its back on reservatin crime. The report shows 2,542 cases were filed in Indian Country in the 2013 fiscal year, a 34 percent increase from when the federal government began its tribal justice initiative in 2009. More cases were filed in 2012, but officials say a hiring freeze and budget limitations cut in to the progress being made.  "I feel like we're making progress, but these problems are centuries in the making," U.S. attorney for North Dakota Timothy Purdon told the Associated Press. "We're not going to solve this at DOJ in three years with a new program." 

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