Judicial Evaluation Bill Suffers Setback

Legislation to scramble the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission (JPEC) and the current performance evaluation process suffered a huge setback today when the House sponsor withdrew the bill from consideration and the subcommittee with jurisdiction closed for the year. The bill (SB 1058/HB 1227), as amended by the Senate Judiciary Committee two weeks ago, would have removed all of the present JPEC members, reconstituted the body without any judges as members, allowed the commission to rewrite evaluation criteria, and provided that if an incumbent appellate level judge was evaluated as “for replacement,” that judge could not stand for retention election. The resulting judicial vacancy would then be filled by gubernatorial appointment after a nominating commission recommendation. The TBA fought the measure with TBA President Jackie Dixon saying that action on the bill would amount to “changing the rules, the referees and the scorekeeping after the two-minute warning.” Retention elections are set for August 2014 for all current Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and Court of Criminal Appeals judges.

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