Ramsey PAC Money Funding Campaign Against Justices

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey is personally funding the main opposition to three Tennessee Supreme Court justices out of his own political action committee, News Channel 5 reports today. Based on just released financial disclosures, Ramsey’s RAMPAC has provided $425,000 to the Tennessee Forum, which has purchased the TV ads that call the justices "liberal on crime" and claim that they "advanced Obamacare." Both claims have been called "absolutely false" by the justices’ joint campaign. Fundraising for the justices has also been active, with the three together having raised just over $1 million. Chief Justice Gary Wade led the three with $462,281 in contributions, followed by Justice Sharon Lee with $305,404 (including an $18,000 loan), and Justice Connie Clark with $295,535.

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