Turn Your Expertise into an Article

Do you have a keen interest in trends, developments and case law in your practice area? Want to share this knowledge with your colleagues in the Tennessee Bar Journal? Not sure how to begin? Journal Editor Suzanne Robertson provides this advice: Think of and refine your topic. It should be of interest to Tennessee lawyers, which is a broad criteria. This could mean you might explain a new state law, explain a complicated area of law, or take a larger issue and connect it to what it means for Tennessee attorneys and the justice system. Then take a look at the writer’s guidelines, which provide information about length, notes and other details.

Once it’s in the proper format, send it in! It goes to the editor, Suzanne Craig Robertson, who will then get it to the seven members of the Editorial Board for review. Another bonus besides fame and fortune when your article is published (well, there’s no fortune; the Journal does not pay authors, but the fame is often enormous), you may apply for CLE credit for your work under Supreme Court Rule 21 Section 4.07(b).

So what are you waiting for?


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