New Alimony Bench Book Available

The 15th Edition Alimony Bench Book is now available. TBA Family Law Section members can download the book free from the section's resource page after logging in. Others can purchase a loose-leaf printed version of this publication for $40 per book ($50 in a 3-ring binder) from the online TBA Bookstore or by contacting the TBA at (615) 383-7421. The book, which includes published and unpublished cases from Aug. 8, 2003, through Dec. 31, 2016, is compiled by the section's Alimony Committee under direction of its chair, Amy Amundsen.

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Now Available: 15th Edition Alimony Bench Book

The 15th Edition Alimony Bench Book is now available FREE in downloadable format to the members of the TBA Family Law Section. The 15th Edition Alimony Bench Book includes Published and Unpublished cases from Aug. 8, 2003, through Dec. 31, 2016. To download your FREE copy of this publication, please follow these steps:

1. Go to the website and log in. If you have not used the website before, please use your email address as username and request a password.

2. Go the the Family Law Section web pages and access the 15th Edition Alimony Bench Bar Book

You can download the full Alimony Bench Book in PDF format or individual chapters in PDF or Microsoft Word format.

A loose-leaf printed version of this publication may also be purchased for $40 per book ($50 in a 3-ring binder) from the online TBA Bookstore or by contacting the Tennessee Bar Association at (615) 383-7421.

The TBA would like to thank Alimony Committee Chair Amy Amundsen and all of the members of this committee for their hard work and commitment to this publication. The committee's hope is that this book will assist judges in their attempts to award consistent alimony in cases across Tennessee.

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What Would You Like to See in Family Law Section Connect?

Are you interested in reading about a particular topic in the next TBA Family Law Section Connect?  Do you have an article you would like to submit?  The section is looking for contributors to submit articles, case law updates, legislative updates or recommendations for topics. If you would like to submit an article or an idea, please feel free to contact TBA Section Coordinator Christy Gibson.

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Join Us at The Cordelle for the TBA Wedding CLE

Join us on March 29 for the TBA's Wedding CLE at one of Nashville's premier wedding venues, The Cordelle, with all the cake, mimosas and darling wedding mints you could want. Sessions will touch on a variety of nuptial-related considerations, such as what to do pre-wedding, tax planning, marital assests, adoption and more. Don't forget about those "tortes" and contracts for venues, photographers and entertainment that keep the guests happy! 
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TBA Mashup and Mini Legal Hackathon this Friday

In conjunction with the Law Tech UnConference CLE this Friday, the TBA is also offering a variety of free events and programs for lawyers we’re calling a Mashup. One program will teach you about Legal Hackathons and see one in action. A Legal Hackathon is a collaborative effort of experts in the legal profession collaborating with a computer programmer to find a technology assisted solution to a problem in the legal industry. Join the TBA Special Committee on the Evolving Legal Market for a mini legal hackathon that will demonstrate the power of collaborative minds at work. We will have tasty beverages and snacks to help you get your collaborative juices flowing.  
Other programs that will be a part of the Mashup include Pro Bono In Action which will show you various pro bono programs you can participate in to help your fellow Tennesseans and Member Benefit Programs that will provide you information on  Fastcase 7, health insurance options for small firms, ABA retirement funds and professional liability insurance.
Please sign up now to let us know you are coming.

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AOC Seeks Attorneys for Child Support Contempt Services in Nashville

The Administrative Office of the Courts often contracts attorneys to represent individuals unable to afford legal representation in cases in which a client is facing contempt of court charges for failure to pay court-ordered child support. The AOC is seeking attorneys who are interested in contracting with the AOC to streamline performance of this service in Davidson County Juvenile Court. The contract would be for March 1, 2017, through June 30, 2018.

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Judge Has Personal Connection in Fight Against Opioid Crisis

A Tennessean profile of Dandridge judge Duane Sloane highlights how the circuit judge came to fight for recovery over harsh sentences for addicts. His methods have been deemed controversial by some, especially ones aimed at pregnant mothers with addiction, but he cites his family’s adoption of a baby born with withdrawal symptoms as his motivation to fight for solutions to the crisis.
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Learn About Immigration Issues That Affect Your Practice at Forum

Dear Section Member,
I would like to tell you about the Immigration Law Forum 2017, a program our Executive Council designed in order to assist your practice. The Forum will be held on April 7 at the TBA Bar Center from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., divided into two separate portions.

The morning program is titled “Immigration Benefits, Court, Enforcement and Removal."  Presentations will focus on family immigration and court issues facing both new and experienced immigration attorneys, family law and criminal law attorneys.  
The afternoon program is titled “Investment Immigration Government, Company, and Global Perspectives."  Sessions will focus on U.S. and international business investment immigration issues facing both immigration and non-immigration attorneys such as corporate counsel, employment law attorneys and technology law attorneys.
Here is a list of the speakers/panels for this year’s Forum:
Lynuel Dennis, Field Office Director for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
Catherine Chargualaf, Assistant Field Office Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement-Enforcement and Removal Operations
Brandon Josephsen, Deputy Chief Counsel of the Department of Homeland Security/Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Clay Banks, Southern Middle Tennessee Regional Director of Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development (Nashville)
Dale Carroll, CEO of Appalachian EB-5 Regional Center (Asheville, N.C.)
Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford, Consul General of British Consulate General Atlanta (Atlanta)
Fadi Abou-Ghantous, Executive and Global Sales Leader of General Electric Power (Chattanooga)
Tom Przybojewski, Owner of Astra Inc. (Miami)
Scott Jones, Financial Advisor at Merrill Edge of Bank America (Chattanooga)
John Anthony Castro, International Tax Attorney & Managing Partner of Castro & Co. LLC (Washington D.C.)
Marco Scanu, Managing Partner of Visa Business Plans (Miami)
Overall, this year will be a very dynamic year for immigration/global law issues, and it is very important that we as attorneys keep aware of the ever changing law environment and assist ourselves in remaining relevant with the changing times, and markets.
Terry Olsen, Immigration Section Chair

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Legal Battle Over Senator's Estate Continues

The legal dispute between the late U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson’s wife and his two adult sons from another marriage will continue, the Tennessean reports based on court documents filed last week. Thompson’s sons, Tony and Dan Thompson, filed suit against Thompson’s wife, Jeri Thompson, in August, accusing her of forcing him to make changes to his estate plan. New court documents show a fight over what information Jeri Thompson must turn over as the case moves forward. 
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‘State of Juvenile Court’ Focuses on Family Trauma

At the second annual State of the Juvenile Court Address today, Shelby County Judge Dan Michael said the court is making significant progress on reforms mandated by the U.S. Department of Justice. He also called on the community to help break the cycle of trauma that lands young people in state custody. “I’m a juvenile court judge. I’m not the parent of these children. If I have a good parent or parents, I rarely see their children in court,” he said. WMC News 5 has the story.

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TBJ Covers Immigration, Child Sexual Abuse, Family Law, Humor

Companies’ hiring of employees using work visas is a tedious business, but Nashville lawyer Dan E. White details it in the January Tennessee Bar Journal. Since the printing of the issue, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) increased filing fees by an average of 21 percent. Read the article online, which now includes the specifics on the updated fees. Also in this issue, John Day writes about child sexual abuse victims, and Marlene Eskind Moses and Benjamin Russ explain the doctrine of “inconvenient forum.” Bill Haltom looks at the flip side of “absence of malice.” Read the January TBJ.

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Help Needed Tomorrow for Memphis Veterans’ Clinic

A free legal clinic for veterans will be held Tuesday from noon to 2 p.m. at the Memphis Veterans Center, 1407 Union Ave., 11th floor. Volunteers are still needed, especially in the practice areas of criminal defense, family law and employment law. The clinic is co-sponsored by the Memphis Bar Association and Memphis Area Legal Services and takes place the second Tuesday of the month to assist veterans with legal advice. For more information and to volunteer, contact Jake Dickerson, 901-577-8236.

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Wrong Address Given for Law Firm

A story in yesterday’s issue of TBA Today contained an incorrect suite number for the new Cordell & Cordell law office opening in Chattanooga. The firm issued a corrected press release today, noting that its address will be 200 W. Martin Luther King Blvd., Suite 1000, Chattanooga, TN 37402.

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New Law Requires Mandatory Minimum Sentences

A new Tennessee state law means people who are convicted of three or more domestic violence crimes will be charged with a felony instead of a misdemeanor, and those found guilty of a third felony burglary or drug charge will face a mandatory minimum sentence. The law also sets the mandatory minimum period of time to be served to at least 85 percent of time sentenced. With the state prison system at 90 percent capacity, the law may pose challenges for some facilities. News Channel 9 looks at several, however, that claim they will not be affected.

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643 Children Identified as Severe Abuse Victims

A Tennessee committee charged with investigating and issuing recommendations on severe child abuse in the state says 643 children were victims of a second or subsequent incident of severe abuse during the 2014-2015 fiscal year. The Second Look Commission found that sexual abuse is the most prevalent type of abuse and that the “lack of consequences for failing to report child abuse continues to be an issue.” The report is based on data provided by the Department of Children’s Services. Fox 17 has more on the findings.

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Divorce Firm Opens Chattanooga Office

Cordell & Cordell, a domestic litigation firm focusing on representing men in family law cases, has opened a Chattanooga office. The law firm has more than 200 attorneys working in more than 100 offices across the United States and the United Kingdom. The new office will be located at 200 W. Martin Luther King Blvd., Suite 1000, Chattanooga, TN 37402. Associate attorney Rachel Hodges will head the office. Read more in this release from the firm.

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ABA Releases Guide to Issues in Assisted Reproduction

The American Bar Association (ABA) has released a guide to the legal and medical issues related to assisted reproduction. “The ABA Consumer Guide to Assisted Reproduction” is designed to educate consumers about the processes involved in choosing medical providers, legal representatives and other key players throughout the assisted reproduction process. The book provides a critical understanding of the protocols to enter into appropriate legal contracts while addressing the unique issues that may arise pre-and post-birth.

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Have You Heard About the TBA Mashup?

Interested in observing a legal hackathon or getting a hands-on demonstration of the new Fastcase 7 platform? Both will be part of the first TBA Mashup, a full-day of activities and free programming set for Feb. 17 at the Tennessee Bar Center in conjunction with the annual TBA Law Tech UnConference CLE program.

In addition to the hackathon and Fastcase 7 demo, the TBA Mashup will feature sessions on: 

  • Current State of Health Insurance for the Small Firms
  • Professional Liability Insurance - What to look for in YOUR Policy
  • A Demo of Fastcase TopForm, a powerful bankruptcy filing software
  • Retirement Planning Guidance from the ABA Retirement Funds
  • Pro Bono in Action: How to help with pro bono events and how to take part in online options

At the annual TBA Law Tech UnConference CLE program, you can take as many or as few hours as you need. Registration will be open all day. Payment will be determined at checkout based on the hours you need. Topics will include: 

  • Bill & Phil Tech Show
  • Ethical Considerations for Cyber Security in Law
  • Evolution of the Legal Marketplace
  • Making e-Discovery Affordable 
  • Drone Law
  • Encryption for Lawyers

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Child Advocacy Center Receives $11,000 Donation

The Exchange Club Foundation has donated $11,000 to the Third Judicial District Child Advocacy Center, the Greeneville Sun reports. The center, located in Mosheim, serves victims of child abuse in Greene, Hamblen, Hawkins and Hancock counties. The center is the largest single beneficiary of the foundation, which has made prevention of child abuse its top national priority.

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Wrongful Arrest Prompts Calls for Investigation

For more than eight weeks last fall, Rachel Heffner was prohibited from returning home because she had been designated an “aggressor” and “defendant” in a domestic violence case. In fact, she was not the aggressor but the victim. But that was not acknowledged by prosecutors or the police until criminal charges against her were dismissed when her older son failed to appear in court. Now, police confirm charges against the teenager are pending. According to the Tennessean, Heffner’s lawyer is raising a host of issues such as why the two children were not separated before being interviewed by police and why they were allowed to remain home alone after their mother’s arrest. He also has asked the department to conduct a review as to why Heffner’s side of the story was never investigated.

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Turn Your Expertise into a Magazine Article

It’s no surprise that some of the best articles in the Tennessee Bar Journal have come from TBA section members. Your membership in this section shows that you have a keen interest in trends, developments and case law in this practice area. Sharing this knowledge with your colleagues is one of the best traits of the profession.
How can you become a Journal author? Think of and refine your topic. It should be of interest to Tennessee lawyers, which is a broad criteria. This could mean you might explain a new state law, explain a complicated area of law, or take a larger issue and connect it to what it means for Tennessee attorneys and the justice system. Find a global issue within your particular experience or knowledge and tell about it and how it affects Tennessee law. Then take a look at the writer’s guidelines, which will tell you about length, notes and other details. Once it’s in the proper format, send it in! It goes to the editor, Suzanne Craig Robertson, who will then get it to the seven members of the Editorial Board for review.
If you are published, you may apply for CLE credit for your work under Supreme Court Rule 21 Section 4.07(b). For details on claiming the credit, check with the Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education or access an Affidavit of Sole Authorship or an Affidavit of Joint Authorship from the Commission's website.

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Court Amends Pro Se Divorce Forms

The Tennessee Supreme Court today issued an order revising pro se forms to be used in uncontested divorce cases with minor children. The court reports that its Access to Justice Commission requested the change to make it clear that spouses with orders of protection may use the forms. The documents released today replace the forms published by the court in October. The forms can be used beginning Jan. 1.

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State Human Services Commissioner to Step Down

Raquel Hatter, commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Human Services, is leaving her post, Gov. Bill Haslam announced yesterday. Hatter will work in the private sector “at the national level” when she steps down in February, according to a news release. Haslam touted Hatter’s work on several state initiatives, but the Tennessean reports that her tenure was marred by ongoing problems with food programs for low-income children, licensed child care centers, vocational rehabilitation and general management issues.

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Court Adopts 2017 Rules Package

The Tennessee Supreme Court today published the 2017 amendments to its rules of procedure and evidence. Proposals include changing the place for filing a notice of appeal to the appellate clerk’s office, requiring payment of fees and taxes to the appellate court clerk at the time of initiation of an appeal, and other changes to the rules of appellate procedure, civil procedure, criminal procedure and juvenile procedure, as well as the rules of evidence. Six TBA sections – Appellate Practice, Litigation, Tort and Insurance Law, Criminal Justice, Family Law, and Juvenile and Children’s Law reviewed the rules when proposed and either found no objections or supported the changes. The proposals now go to the legislature for ratification before becoming effective on July 1.

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Legal Aid Honors Tri-City, Knoxville Lawyers

Legal Aid of East Tennessee (LAET) held its annual Celebrate Pro Bono Dinner this week in Johnson City. The event honored Tri-City lawyers who volunteered for the group’s Pro Bono Project. Tennessee Supreme Court Chief Justice Jeff Bivins was on hand for the recognitions. Access to Justice Awards were given to Curt Collins, Mike Forrester, Suzanne Queen and Tony Seaton. Outstanding Service Awards went to Art Fowler III, Adam Kneisley, Rachel Mancl, Dave Robbins, Bart Rowlett, Mark Skelton and Aleania Smith. Karen Boyd was recognized with a special Above & Beyond Award for her work with pro se divorce clinics in the Tri Cities. Several weeks ago, LAET recognized Knoxville lawyers Tom Hale and Betsy Beck at a National Philanthropy Day Celebration in Knoxville. The pair were honored for their service to the community and their longstanding support for LAET.

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