TBA Member Insurance Solutions

Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance -- Protecting your practice and your family from an unexpected loss is a priority for many TBA members and The Bar Plan lawyers professional insurance program endorsed by the Tennessee Bar Association meets that need. The Bar Plan program provides TBA members with the most comprehensive and fairly priced professional liability coverage available.

Health Insurance Exchange -- The TBA Health Insurance Exchange is a valuable member benefit that helps you:

Assess Your Situation to find out if you are eligible for subsidies
Shop for plans that are on either public or private health insurance exchanges
Apply for the health plan of your choice with or without subsidies. Fill out a simple online form to get your quote now or call (866) 907-2763.

Learn more about the TBA Health Insurance Exchange

Learn about what will happen with Health Care Reform
Find answers to common questions about the Tennessee Bar Association Health Insurance Exchange
Check out this video on the TBA Health Insurance Exchange and the organization it has partnered with to operate the exchange

Contact TBA Membership Director Kathy Prescott by email or phone at (615) 383-7421 to learn more about The Bar Plan or other product from TBA Member Insurance Solutions.