Details About the TBA Mentoring Program

• Mentee requests will be referred to existing local bar or specialty programs first, if available.

• Mentoring relationships will be of one (1) year in duration.

• The mentor and mentee will be required to meet face to face at least once a month.

• The mentor will be available for two (2) monthly phone calls.

• Both the mentor and mentee will be required to submit an evaluation report halfway through the program and again at the conclusion of the program.

• There will be an expressed disclosure that mentors are not offering jobs or internships to mentees.

• There will be specified qualifying criteria for mentors and mentees.

• Mentees will have 0-3 years practice experience.

• Both mentees and mentors must be TBA members.

• There will be confidentially guidelines for mentors that will, consistent with RPC 1.6 (a) RPC 1.6 (b) (4) and RPC1.6 [Comments 4, 4a, and 9], permit the use of hypotheticals or  authorize the use of information for seeking advice on conformity with the rules of Professional Conduct.

• There will be suggested (but not mandatory) instructional materials.

• The mentor and mentee will develop their own Mentoring Plan in advance.

• Mentors are not offering jobs or internships to mentees (although mentors certainly could be sounding boards for mentees on career development issues).

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