Candidates for Trial Courts

The following are candidates for Tennessee judicial positions in state trial courts in the upcoming elections. Candidates whose names are in color have signed the Tennessee Fair Judicial Campaign Code of Conduct, which is designed to maintain the highest standards of discourse.

This list was compiled from multiple sources, so it may be incomplete. If you see errors or omissions, please contact TBA staff member Karen Belcher. Candidates with an asterisk (*) at the end of their name are incumbents who are retiring or not seeking re-election.

Listings for other courts: • Appellate CourtsCourts of Limited Jurisdiction

State Trial Courts (by Judicial District)


































1st Judicial District

John C. Rambo, Chancery Court
• Thomas J. Seeley  Jr., Circuit Court
• Jean A. Stanley, Circuit Court
• Dennis Brooks, Criminal Court
• Stacy Street, Criminal Court

2nd Judicial District

E.G. Moody, Chancery Court
• R. Jerry Beck, Circuit Court
John S. McLellan III, Circuit Court
• Robert H. Montgomery Jr., Criminal Court
• Alex C. Pearson, Circuit Court

3rd Judicial District

Douglas Jenkins, Chancery Court
Mike Faulk, Circuit Court
• John K. Wilson, Circuit Court
• Thomas J. Wright, Circuit Court
John F. Dugger Jr., Criminal Court
• Linda Thomas Woolsey, Circuit Court
• Douglas T. Jenkins, Chancery Court

4th Judicial District

Telford E. Forgety Jr., Chancery Court
Ben W. Hooper II, Circuit Court
Rex Henry Ogle, Circuit Court
O. Duane Slone, Circuit Court
Richard Robert Vance, Circuit Court

5th Judicial District

David R. Duggan, Circuit Court
Tammy M. Harrington, Circuit Court

6th Judicial District

Daryl R. Fansler, Chancery Court
Michael W. Moyers, Chancery Court
• John F. Weaver, Chancery Court
Kristi Davis, Circuit Court
• Ray H. Jenkins, Circuit Court
• Patti Jane Lay, Circuit Court, Div. IV
Deborah Stevens, Circuit Court
• Harold Wimberly, Circuit Court
• Mary Beth Leibowitz, Criminal Court
Bobby Ray McGee, Criminal Court
Leland Price, Criminal Court
Steven W. Sword, Criminal Court
• Clarence E. Pridemore, Chancery Court
Billy J. Stokes, Circuit Court
• William Ailor, Circuit Court
 Daniel Kidd, Circuit Court
Greg McMillan, Circuit Court
David L. Valone, Circuit Court
Scott Green, Criminal Court

7th Judicial District

Donald R. Elledge, Circuit Court

8th Judicial District

Andrew Tillman, Chancery Court
• John McAfee, Circuit Court
E. Shayne Sexton, Criminal Court

9th Judicial District

Frank Vernon Williams III, Chancery Court
• E. Eugene Eblen, Criminal Court
Michael S. Pemberton, Circuit Court

10th Judicial District

Jerri S. Bryant, Chancery Court
• William J. Brown, Circuit Court, Part III
Sandra N.C. Donaghy, Criminal Court
• Larry H. Puckett, Circuit Court
J. Michael Sharp, Circuit Court
• Amy F. Reedy, Criminal Court

11th Judicial District

Jeffrey M. Atherton, Chancery Court
• John B. Bennett, Circuit Court, Div. I
Joe E. Manuel, Chancery Court
Jeff Hollingsworth, Circuit Court
• W. Neil Thomas III, Circuit Court
L. Marie Williams, Circuit Court
Don W. Poole, Criminal Court
Barry A. Steelman, Criminal Court
• Rebecca J. Stern, Criminal Court
• W. Neil Thomas, Circuit Court, Div. IV
• Catherine Marie White, Circuit Court, Div. I

12th Judicial District

Jeffrey F. Stewart, Chancery Court
Thomas W. Graham, Circuit Court
J. Curtis Smith, Circuit Court

13th Judicial District

Ronald Thurman, Chancery Court
• Amy V. Hollars, Circuit Court
• Leon C. Burns Jr.*, Criminal Court
• Gary McKenzie, Criminal Court
• David A. Patterson, Criminal Court
Jonathan Young, Circuit Court
• Wesley Bray, Circuit Court

14th Judicial District

Vanessa Agee Jackson, Circuit Court
L. Craig Johnson, Circuit Court

15th Judicial District

• Charles K. Smith, Chancery Court
Clara W. Byrd, Circuit Court
• John D. Wootten Jr., Circuit Court

16th Judicial District

Howard Wilson, Chancery Court
• David M. Bragg, Circuit Court
Keta J. Barnes, Criminal Court
• J. Mark Rogers, Circuit Court
• Royce Taylor, Circuit Court
• Jeffrey Peach, Circuit Court, Div. I
• Nathan Nichols, Circuit Court, Div. II
M. Keith Siskin, Circuit Court, Div. III

17th Judicial District

• James B. Cox, Chancery Court
• Forest A. Durard Jr., Circuit Court
Brooke Grubb
• Franklin Lee Russell, Circuit Court

18th Judicial District

Patti B. Garner, Chancery Court
• Tom E. Gray*, Chancery Court
• Louis W. Oliver III, Chancery Court
• Devin J. Sutherland, Chancery Court
• Mike Carter, Chancery Court
• Randy Stamps, Circuit Court
Mark Smith, Circuit Court
Joe H. Thompson, Circuit Court
Dee David Gay, Criminal Court

19th Judicial District

Laurence M. McMillan Jr., Chancery Court
• John H. Gasaway III, Circuit Court
Ross H. Hicks, Circuit Court
• Michael R. Jones, Circuit Court

20th Judicial District

Claudia Bonnyman, Chancery Court
Ellen Hobbs Lyle, Chancery Court
Carol L. McCoy, Chancery Court
Russell T. Perkins, Chancery Court
Joseph P. Binkley Jr., Circuit Court
• Thomas White Brothers, Circuit Court
Hamilton V. Gayden Jr., Circuit Court
David Randall Kennedy, Circuit Court
Amanda McClendon, Circuit Court
• Phillip Robinson, Circuit Court
Philip E. Smith, Circuit Court
Carol Soloman, Circuit Court
• Cheryl A. Blackburn, Criminal Court
Steve R. Dozier, Criminal Court
Mark J. Fishburn, Criminal Court
• Seth W. Norman, Criminal Court
Monte D. Watkins, Criminal Court
J. Randall Wyatt Jr., Criminal Court

21st Judicial District

• Robbie T. Beal, Circuit Court
• Michael Binkley, Circuit Court
• Timothy L. Easter, Circuit Court
James G. Martin III, Circuit Court
• Joseph  Woodruff, Circuit Court, Div. I

22nd Judicial District

Jim Travis Hamilton, Circuit Court
Stella L. Hargrove, Circuit Court
Robert L. Holloway Jr., Circuit Court
Robert L. Jones, Circuit Court
Tom DuBois, Circuit Court

23rd Judicial District

• Robert E. Burch*, Circuit Court
• George C. Sexton, Circuit Court
• Larry J. Wallace, Circuit Court

24th Judicial District

Charles Creed McGinley, Circuit Court
Donald E. Parish, Circuit Court

25th Judicial District

Martha B. Brasfield, Chancery Court
• William C. Cole, Chancery Court
• J. Weber McCraw, Circuit Court
• Joe H. Walker III, Circuit Court

26th Judicial District

James F. Butler, Chancery Court
Donald H. Allen, Circuit Court
• Roy B. Morgan Jr., Circuit Court
• Nathan Pride, Circuit Court

27th Judicial District

W. Michael Maloan, Chancery Court
William B. Acree Jr., Circuit Court

28th Judicial District

George R. Ellis, Chancery Court
Clayburn Peeples, Circuit Court

29th Judicial District

• Tony A. Childress, Chancery Court
Russell Lee Moore Jr., Circuit Court

30th Judicial District

• Kenny Armstrong, Chancery Court
Walter L. Evans, Chancery Court
Arnold B. Goldin, Chancery Court
• Robert L. Childers, Circuit Court
Donna M. Fields, Circuit Court
• Gina C. Higgins, Circuit Court
• John R. McCarroll Jr., Circuit Court
James F. Russell, Circuit Court
• Jerry Stokes, Circuit Court
Robert Samual Weiss, Circuit Court
• Karen R. Williams, Circuit Court
• James C. Beasley Jr., Criminal Court
Carolyn Wade Blackett, Criminal Court
John Campbell, Criminal Court
J. Robert Carter Jr., Criminal Court
Lee V. Coffee, Criminal Court
Chris Craft, Criminal Court
• Kathleen Gomes, Criminal Court
Rhynette Hurd, Circuit Court
James M. Lammey Jr., Criminal Court
• Paula L. Skahan, Criminal Court
W. Mark Ward, Criminal Court
Karen D. Webster, Criminal Court
Glenn Wright, Criminal Court
Michael Richards, Chancery Court
• Matthew Russell, Circuit Court

31st Judicial District

Larry Bart Stanley Jr., Circuit Court