License to Sing

  • May you copy the original work of another without committing copyright infringement? If so, may you copy the entire work or just a portion?
  • If you do infringe a copyright, how much can you be ordered to pay in damages?
  • Can you be required to pay more than you earned from your infringing activity?

Copying the original work of another is not always an infringement of the copyright. Certain uses are "fair use" and do not constitute infringement. If the copying does constitute an infringement, however, the damages awarded may be much greater than the infringer's profits.

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We Have Power to Effect Change

It does not seem as though a year has gone by already. Service as president of the Tennessee Bar Association has increased my deep appreciation for lawyers and judges, for our elected representatives and their importance in our society. This role has been a phenomenal learning experience and provided an excellent civic lesson for someone who has been practicing law for a number of years. My faith in our attorneys and pride in our profession have been heightened. My gratitude for the amazing volunteers across our state committed to our profession and to those they serve has deepened.

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