2016 Senior Tennessee Lawyers Honored for Service

New senior counselors named at TBA convention in Nashville

NASHVILLE, June 27, 2016 — More than 100 attorneys from across the state were honored as “senior counselors” for their service to the legal profession during the Tennessee Bar Association’s annual convention in Nashville. Senior counselors are those Tennessee Bar Association members who, during the coming membership year will reach 75 years of age or complete 50 years of practice.

This year’s class of 117 senior counselors are:

  • James “Norman” Acuff, Rutledge
  • George “Philip” Anderson, Brentwood
  • Robert Donald Arnold, Johnson City
  • William Muecke “Mickey” Barker, Chattanooga
  • Saul Charles Belz, Memphis
  • Walton “Collins” Bonds, Milan
  • Ronald Sam “Ron” Borod, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Thomas Irvin “Tom” Bottorff, Brentwood
  • Rodger Neill Bowman, Clarksville
  • Phillip “Larry” Boyd, Rogersville
  • John Parker Branham, Nashville
  • John P. Brown, Nashville
  • David M. Bullock, Brentwood
  • Walter Woods Bussart, Lewisburg
  • James Fredrick “Jimmy” Butler, Jackson
  • Patricia Gardner Campbell, Nashville
  • Archie Ronald Carpenter, Knoxville
  • Lee James Chase, Memphis
  • James H. Cheek, Nashville
  • James Ross Cheshire, Nashville
  • Arnold Garson Cohen, Knoxville
  • Ronald L. Coleman, Memphis
  • Carl E. Colloms, Charleston
  • Nancy Krider Corley, Nashville
  • Marshall Wallace Criss, Memphis
  • Robert Wayne Culbertson, Kingsport
  • Thomas Andre “Drew” Davidson, Lewisburg
  • George Merton Derryberry, Chattanooga
  • Parker Warden Duncan, Nashville
  • Whitney Durand, Chattanooga
  • Leslie Blythe Enoch, Smithville
  • Robert “Larry” Estes, Franklin
  • Roger T. Fisher, Union City
  • Lewis Chilton Foster, Knoxville
  • Raymond Wilford Fraley, Fayetteville
  • Jon Oscar Fullerton, Palm City, Florida
  • Samuel Joseph Furrow, Knoxville
  • Gene Paul Gaby, Greeneville
  • Francis Duncan Gibson, Maryville
  • James Kelly Giffen, Knoxville
  • John Welch Gill, Knoxville
  • Ronald Lee Gilman, Memphis
  • Richard Baxter Gossett, Chattanooga
  • Leon “Carl” Hagwood, Greenville, Mississippi
  • James Evan “Jim” Hall, Washington, D.C.
  • Michael T. Hartsfield, Memphis
  • J. “Wallace” Harvill, Centerville
  • Aubrey B. Harwell, Nashville
  • Olen G. Haynes, Johnson City
  • Oscar Bernard Hofstetter, Brentwood
  • Kenneth Wayne Holbert, Knoxville
  • Frank C. Holloman, Memphis
  • Joseph “J. Marshall” Hughes, Nashville
  • Jerry Ralph Humphreys, Nashville
  • Frank W. Hunger, Nashville
  • Frederick B. Hunt, Shelbyville
  • Roger E. Jenne, Cleveland
  • Charlie Richard Johnson, Sevierville
  • John “Kimbrough” Johnson, Memphis
  • Jon Edward Jones, Cookeville
  • Judith Sharp “Judy” Kares, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Mary Catherine Kelly, Franklin
  • Jerry Dudley Kizer, Jackson
  • Alan Lee Kosten, Memphis
  • Ronald Douglas Krelstein, Germantown
  • Stewart Franklin Kresge, Nashville
  • William “Lee” Lackey, Savannah
  • John David Lentz, Nashville
  • Curtis Maddin Lincoln, Hendersonville
  • Philip K. Lyon, Nashville
  • J. Franklin McCreary, Brentwood
  • Stafford Freeman McNamee, Brentwood
  • Jack Howard “Sandy” McPherson, Kingston
  • Paul I. Mendelson, Memphis
  • W. Clark Meredith, Oak Ridge
  • Robert “Larson” Mick, Signal Mountain
  • Robert “Bob” Moberly, Fayetteville,
  • Arkansas Joel H. Moseley, Murfreesboro
  • Roger “Price” Nimmo , Hendersonville
  • John Robert Officer, Livingston
  • James Troy “Jim” Oglesby, Franklin
  • Thomas H. “Tom” O’Neal, Chattanooga
  • Robert Edmond “Bob” Parker, Nashville
  • Hubert Thomas “Tom” Parsons, Manchester
  • Howell Newman Peoples, Vero Beach, Florida
  • Michael F. Pleasants, Memphis
  • Charles Edward “Chuck” Racine, Gallatin
  • James A. “Jim” Ridley, Knoxville
  • Fred M. Ridolphi, Memphis
  • Donald Bryson Roe, Oak Ridge
  • Stephen Kenneth “Steve” Rush, Nashville
  • Alfred Charles “Al” Schmutzer, Sevierville
  • Harold Alan “Hal” Schwartz, Chattanooga
  • Larry K. Scroggs, Germantown
  • Howard M. Skipworth, Joelton
  • Owen J. Sloane, Beverly Hills, California
  • David Smith, Alexandria, Louisiana
  • William S. “Billy” Solmson, Memphis
  • S. Gary Spicer Sr., Grosse Pointe, Michigan
  • William “Lloyd” Stanley, Chattanooga
  • Charles E. Sykes, Austin, Texas
  • Dudley Wayne Taylor, Knoxville
  • Harvey Maxwell Templeton III, Cleveland
  • Robert Paige “Bobby” Thomas, Nashville
  • Tom Price Thompson, Hartsville
  • Billy Wayne Townsend, Hohenwald
  • Kurt Erich Tschaepe, Gallatin
  • Jimmie D. Turner, Oliver Springs
  • William D. Vines, Knoxville
  • James H. Wallace, Jackson
  • Jimmy H. Watson, Nashville
  • Alexander W. Wellford, Memphis
  • William G. Wilkinson, Ashland City
  • John Lee Williams, Waverly
  • William Dement Wilson, Cordova
  • Ashley T. Wiltshire, Vanleer
  • Irving Zeitlin, Memphis

The 2016 Tennessee Bar Association Annual Convention was held in conjunction with several other legal organizations, including the Tennessee Judicial Conference, the Tennessee Lawyers’ Association for Women (TLAW) and the Tennessee Alliance for Black Lawyers (TABL). This joint meeting allows legal groups in the state to address common issues and concerns and offers opportunities for additional education, long-range planning, and recognition of attorneys who have performed outstanding legal work and community service.

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The Tennessee Bar Association (TBA) is the largest professional association in Tennessee with more than 13,000 members. Founded in 1881, the TBA provides opportunities for continuing legal education, professional development and public service. The TBA’s dedication to serving the state’s legal community is evidenced by its membership roll, which represents the entire spectrum of legal practice: plaintiff and defense lawyers, corporate counsel, judges, prosecutors, public defenders, government lawyers and legal services attorneys.

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