YLD Fellows William M. Leech Jr. Public Service Award

This award is given to a Tennessee lawyer who has been of outstanding service to the profession, legal system and the community. The award is named for former Attorney General William M. Leech and was given to him posthumously in 1997. The Fellows of the Tennessee Bar Association Young Lawyers Division select the recipient of this award, which is presented at the Lawyer's Luncheon during the association's annual convention.

Roy B. Herron

Walter P. Armstrong Jr.

1994 Howard H. Baker

1995 Not awarded

1996 Lamar Alexander

1997 William M. Leech
(first year named for William M. Leech)

1998 Richard S. Wirtz

1999 Gilbert R. Campbell

2000 Not awarded

2001 E. Riley Anderson

Barbara N. Haynes

Julia S. Gibbons

2004 Richard H. Dinkins

2005 S. Shepherd Tate

2006 Donald F. Paine

2007 Bernice B. Donald

2008 Frank F. Drowota III

2009 Ross E. Alderman (posthumously)

2010 Karl F. Dean

2011 Howard H. Vogel

2012 Larry Dean Wilks (posthumously)

2013 Elizabeth T. Collins (posthumously)

2014 Janice M. Holder