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This section provides members with opportunities to exchange information with other practitioners regarding administrative law. The section produces annual CLE programming and news to the members.

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Preparing for Appeals in the World of Administrative Law

Preparing for appeals starts at the beginning and should be part of your preparation for any administrative law case. Henry Phillips III will present a new webcast at noon CDT on June 21 to help you consider outcomes at the administrative level and how it will impact appeals.

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Durham Receives Record $465k in Fines

Former state representative Jeremy Durham will pay more than $465,000 in fines for his hundreds of campaign finance law violations, The Tennessean reports. The fine is the largest in the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance’s 26-year history. Durham’s attorney, Peter Strianse, said he plans to appeal the action in front of an administrative law judge and called the fines “clearly excessive.” (Strianse was profiled today by The Tennessean for his role in many high-profile cases defending clients like Durham, Casey Moreland and Cory Batey.)
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