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This is TBA’s newest section and was created by TBA leadership to provide members the opportunity to come together for the purposes of exchanging information and to provide CLE on appellate practice issues.

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Cruz Pushes Retention Elections for Supreme Court Justices

Sen. Ted Cruz today told a Senate committee he wants to amend the Constitution to subject Supreme Court justices to periodic, public retention elections. The Presidential hopeful from Texas has been an outspoken opponent of the high court rulings that upheld federal subsidies under Obamacare and legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. Cruz called the hearing of the Judiciary subcommittee he chairs on oversight, agency action, federal rights and federal courts to discuss what options the American people have to “rein in judicial tyranny.” The Hill has more.

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Court Affirms Kidnapping Convictions in Two Cases, Hold Specific Jury Instruction Not Required

The Tennessee Supreme Court has affirmed convictions in two separate cases in which the defendants were charged with the kidnapping and robbery of different victims. In an opinion authored by Chief Justice Sharon G. Lee, the Supreme Court affirmed the Court of Criminal Appeals, holding that a State v. White jury instruction is not required when a defendant is charged with the offenses of kidnapping and robbery of different victims. Justice Gary R. Wade filed dissenting opinions in both cases, maintaining that the White jury instruction was required by long-standing principles of due process. The AOC has more.

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