Bankruptcy Law Section

The Bankruptcy Law Section focuses on issues involving bankruptcy law. The section’s executive committee develops projects for its members ranging from legislative proposals to their annual two-day Bankruptcy Forum and associated social events.

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50 Years of Travel, Plus Columns on Wills, Banking, Uber

To celebrate the Journal’s 50th birthday, travel back through some of the exotic trips the TBA has taken over the years -- Rome, Mexico, the Caribbean and more. This month, columnist Eddy Smith asks (and answers) the question, "Strictly Speaking, When Is a Will Not a Will?" and in her column, Kathryn Reed Edge gives an overview of interest rates. Humor columnist Bill Haltom suggests a slight career concept change … to Uber Attorney. See the entire August Journal here.

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Bank On It: Interest Rates 101

Ask any commercial lawyer or banker about interest rates, and you are likely to get a mixture of inappropriate language, confusion and resignation. Interest rates are complicated. How they are figured sometimes belies all reason, and why you can’t find the various rates all in one place in the Tennessee Code is a mystery.

“Interest rate” is defined as the annualized cost of credit or debt capital computed as the percentage ratio of interest to the principal.

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