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The Business Law Section furthers the knowledge of its members in the law of the Uniform Commercial Code, banking law, corporate law, partnership law, matters of debtor and creditor relations, and litigation practice related to such law.

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Haslam Pushing Expansion of Internet Sales Tax

Gov. Bill Haslam wants Tennessee to join a growing group of states seeking to revisit rulings preventing collection of sales taxes from out-of-state online retailers, the Times-Free Press reports. State Department of Revenue officials will hold a rulemaking hearing in August on a proposed rule that would require out-of-state online companies with more than $500,000 in annual sales in Tennessee to collect and remit sales taxes starting July 1, 2017. At least a dozen states also are pushing a patchwork of laws or rules they hope will pressure Congress to act or, more likely, force the issue back before the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Starbucks Suit More Than Froth, Judge Rules

A class-action suit alleging Starbucks underfills its latte drinks will proceed after a California judge last week refused to dismiss the lawsuit, the Columbia Daily Herald reports. The judge found the plaintiffs had sufficiently alleged three legal theories – 1) Frothy milk atop the drink should not be factored in to total volume; 2) Fill-to lines on cups are below advertised amounts; and 3) recipe cards instruct baristas not to completely fill cups.

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