Business Law Section

The Business Law Section furthers the knowledge of its members in the law of the Uniform Commercial Code, banking law, corporate law, partnership law, matters of debtor and creditor relations, and litigation practice related to such law.

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Court to Review New Civil, Criminal Cases

The Tennessee Supreme Court has granted review to several new cases. Civil issues to be decided include corporate shareholder standing and challenges to charges by utilities. Criminal issue include traffic stop suppression, expired sentences, defective indictments and lesser-included offenses. The Raybin-Perky Hotlist reviews each and offers a prediction on how the cases may be decided.

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Charity Heads to Pay Fraction of Amount Owed

Three operators of phony cancer charities will pay less than one penny on the dollar toward their combined $106 million settlements, Knoxnews reports. The paper also says that investigators will not comment on whether any of them will face criminal charges after spending donations on lavish trips and personal paydays. The reduced settlement is based on their “documented inability to pay,” officials said. The cases likely will have to be resolved in court, Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett said earlier this week.

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