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The Business Law Section furthers the knowledge of its members in the law of the Uniform Commercial Code, banking law, corporate law, partnership law, matters of debtor and creditor relations, and litigation practice related to such law.

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Downtown Memphis Development Board Approves First TIF Property

The Center City Revenue Finance Corp., a state-chartered industrial development board in Memphis, on Tuesday approved its first tax increment financing initiative, the Memphis Business Journal reports. The Union Row project will develop around 800 apartments, 200 hotel rooms and 460,000 square feet of mixed-use office and retail space in a location between South City and Downtown. Construction is set to start in June 2019, with the first phase scheduled for completion by June 2021.

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Application of Blockchain Tech Reaches the Music Industry

This article from BBC discusses how blockchain technology has the potential to change several industries, including the music industry. Musician Imogen Heap held a small show in Sweden and offered the ticket holders an opportunity to join an experiment of hers - those that sign up agreed to a ‘smart contract’ to ensure they automatically receive a portion of the royalties made from the sale of the recorded show. Blockchain is primarily used to support cryptocurrencies, like BitCoin, but other industries are starting to explore the benefits of utilizing the technology. This is increasing the need for blockchain specialists in all fields. The article notes that the demand for employees with expertise in blockchain is six times higher than it was in 2015.

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