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Some Private Social Media Photos Subject to Discovery, Rules NY Court

The New York State Court of Appeals ruled that Facebook photos set as private are discoverable, the ABA Journal reports. The ruling came in a lawsuit involving a horse riding accident, in which the plaintiff, Kelly Forman, alleged that she fell off a horse fitted with a defective stirrup. Forman’s suit claims that the accident caused serious injury and reduced her to being unable to use a computer or compose “coherent messages.” Forman’s use of Facebook pre-accident came up during a deposition, so the defense sought access to Forman’s entire Facebook account on the basis that her photos and posts were relevant to the scope of her injuries. The court granted a motion to compel after Forman refused to provide access.
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TBA Gears Up for 2018 Mock Trial Tournament

The Tennessee Bar Association will host the upcoming Tennessee High School Mock Trial Tournament on March 23 and 24 in Nashville. The Mock Trial is a two-day, single-elimination bracket-style competition where 16 high schools face-off against each other in the Davidson County Courthouse. Each team is scored on their trial preparation and skills. 

We need TBA volunteers to help be bailiffs and jurors (scorers) for the event. After signing up, we will send you a Volunteer Memo with all the information you need for competition including; parking, hotel, downtown map, courthouse rules, and reimbursement information. Come be a part of the Young Lawyers Divisions’ March Madness! Feel free to contact YLD Director Stephanie Vonnahme with any questions.

To volunteer for this event, click here.

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