Criminal Justice Section

The section was established to serve all elements of the criminal justice system, including state, federal and municipal prosecutors, judges with criminal jurisdiction, state and federal public defenders and those lawyers in private practice.

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House Approves Electrocution Bill

The Capital Punishment Enforcement Act, which would allow the state Department of Correction to use the electric chair for executions if lethal injection chemicals are unavailable, passed in the House by a 68-13 vote, the Tennessean reports. HB 2476 sponsored by state Rep. Dennis Powers, R-Jacksboro, allows the department to petition the governor to use the electric chair if it is unable to obtain the proper chemicals for administering a lethal injection. Having passed the Senate last week 23-3, the bill now heads to Gov. Bill Haslam. State Attorney General Robert Cooper issued an opinion in March that deemed the bill constitutionally defensible, the Nashville Scene notes.

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Knoxville Lawyer Charged with Swapping Pills for Sex

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) arrested prominent Knoxville defense attorney Bruce Poston today, charging that he swapped hydrocodone pills for sex, Knoxnews reports. Poston, 67, was arrested at the City County Building in downtown Knoxville on three counts of the delivery of hydrocodone in January and February. The charges also accuse him of making those deliveries while driving on a suspended driver’s license. According to the TBI, a woman stepped forward in January to complain Poston “was supplying her with money and pills.” The woman further alleged that Poston had represented her husband in a criminal case and “mishandled her husband’s case in order to further his sexual relationship with her.” Retired District Attorney General Greeley Wells has been assigned to the case in place of the Knox County District Attorney General’s Office, which has recused itself.

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