Disability Law Section

The section serves as a resource for Tennessee lawyers practicing in the area of disability rights or who have an interest in building a disability rights practice. The section offers continuing legal education and a forum for advancing disability rights.

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Sixth Circuit Sides with Plaintiffs in Social Security Disability Case, Lawyer Gets Jail

The Sixth Circuit of Appeals ruled against the Social Security Administration last week, Jurist reports. Kentucky lawyer Eric Conn created a widespread system of fraud to guarantee his clients would be approved for social security disability claims. He bribed an Administrative Law judge and paid several doctors to falsify medical records. Conn defrauded the government of more than $500 million in benefits. He agreed to a plea deal to serve 12 years but fled the country before he could be sentenced; he was later apprehended and sentenced to an additional 15 years. The administration ordered reassessments of all the benefit claims of Conn’s clients once the fraud was revealed. Eleven individuals claimed their due process rights were violated when the administration ruled their medical records as inadmissible by being tainted by fraud, and they were not allowed to admit further evidence. The 6th Circuit ruled in favor of the plaintiffs allowing them a chance to introduce medical evidence before an Administrative Law judge to prove their disability qualifies them for a reinstatement of Social Security benefits.

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Supreme Court Adopts Proposed Amendments to Rule 33

The Tennessee Supreme Court on Wednesday approved amendments to Rule 33 dealing with the Tennessee Lawyer Assistance Program (TLAP) and the establishment of a supporting organization under the Tennessee Nonprofit Corporation Act. The court filed an order soliciting public comments on the proposed amendments on Oct. 17. It received three written comments during that period, each in support of the proposed amendments.

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