Elder Law Section

The section provides education to its members, makes recommendations for improving the law, and undertakes projects to increase the understanding of senior citizens, their families and the public concerning legal issues affecting the elderly.

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Bill Would Require Vision Test for Drivers Over 76

A bill recently pre-filed for consideration in the 2016 legislative session would require Tennesseans over the age of 76 to take a vision test prior to renewal of their driver’s licenses, The Knoxville News Sentinel reports. The bill, which has failed in various forms in past legislative sessions, would allow applicants the option to submit a written statement from an ophthalmologist or optometrist in lieu of going through a Department of Safety test.

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Hooker Asks Supreme Court to Intervene in 'Aid-in-Dying' Case

John Jay Hooker is appealing to the state's highest court to allow his doctors to prescribe him life-ending medication without facing criminal consequences, the Tennessean reports. Hooker, who has said he is dying of cancer, says he does not have time to wait for the normal appeals process and wants the Tennessee Supreme Court to step in and take the case from the intermediate court, the Tennessee Court of Appeals. "This case involves the imminent death of a party (Hooker)," the appeal, filed Tuesday by Nashville attorneys Hal Hardin and Cynthia Chappell, reads. "A terminally ill Tennessee citizen's interest in his or her own manner of death is of utmost personal and public importance." 

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