Entertainment and Sports Law Section

This section was created in recognition of the increasing number of practitioners in entertainment and sports law. The section presents an annual CLE program and helps members stay up to date on trends and activities in this specialized area of practice.

Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP
1600 Division St. Ste. 700
Nashville, TN 37203
Immediate Past Chair
Ritholz Levy Sanders Chidekel
1221 6th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37208
Milom Horsnell Crow Rose Kelley
3310 West End Ave, Ste. 610
Nashville, TN 37203

Turn Your Expertise into a Magazine Article

It’s no surprise that some of the best articles in the Tennessee Bar Journal have come from TBA section members. Your membership in this section shows that you have a keen interest in trends, developments and case law in this practice area. Sharing this knowledge with your colleagues is one of the best traits of the profession.

How can you become a Journal author? Think of and refine your topic. It should be of interest to Tennessee lawyers, which is a broad criteria. This could mean you might explain a new state law, explain a complicated area of law, or take a larger issue and connect it to what it means for Tennessee attorneys and the justice system. Find a global issue within your particular experience or knowledge and tell about it and how it affects Tennessee law. Then take a look at the writer’s guidelines at http://www.tba.org/submit-an-article, which will tell you about length, notes and other details. Once it’s in the proper format, send it in! It goes to the editor, Suzanne Craig Robertson, who will then get it to the seven members of the Editorial Board for review.

If you are published, you may apply for CLE credit for your work under Supreme Court Rule 21 Section 4.07(b). For details on claiming the credit, check with the Commission on CLE & Specialization at http://www.cletn.com/.

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Don't Miss the TBA Entertainment & Sports Forum

Register now for the TBA Entertainment & Sports Law Forum 2017. This informative program will be held on Friday, May 19, at the Belmont University College of Law/Baskin Center in Nashville and offers 3 general and 1 dual CLE credits.

This afternoon seminar will cover some of the most cutting-edge legal issues in the music and entertainment industry, including a Supreme Court update on trademark and copyright cases, a primer on music publishing and an introduction to the world of virtual reality.

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