Federal Practice Section

This section was formed in 2005 to serve the needs of Tennessee attorneys whose primary practice is in the federal courts. Its purpose is to further the knowledge of its members and to act as an advocate for those attorneys.

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Federal Law CLE to Focus on Pre-Trial Issues

This year’s annual Federal Practice CLE on July 28 will focus on pre-trial issues, including presentations on pleadings, pre-answer motions and related strategies. Additional sessions will explore amendments to the Federal Civil Rules, which took effect in December 2015, and their impact on practioners. Finally, the program will look at rules related to expert disclosures and alternative dispute resolution techniques.

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Ruling Clarifies When Enhanced Federal Sentences Can Be Applied

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday clarified the criteria for using state law convictions to impose enhanced federal sentences, ruling that a prior crime can be used "only if its elements are the same as, or narrower than, those of the generic offense." In a 5-3 opinion authored by Justice Kagan, the court reversed a lower court decision in Mathis v. United States. That decision had allowed inclusion of a burglary conviction under Iowa law to trigger Armed Career Criminal Act sentence enhancements. The majority opinion found the Iowa statute covered a broader range of conduct than that covered by generic burglary and set out alternative ways of satisfying the locational elements of the crime, according to a report in Jurist.

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