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This section provides members the opportunity to exchange information with other immigration law practitioners and provides a newsletter to members on both federal and State immigration laws. It also provides annual CLE programming on immigration law.

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Obama Confident About Immigration Appeal

President Barack Obama urged immigrants thrown into legal limbo this week to keep planning for eventual relief, WRCB reports from the Associated Press. A Texas federal judge put a hold on the President's executive actions, but Obama said he is confident that his deportation directives won't be thrown out in court. Obama said he expects to win when a U.S. Circuit Ccourt hears his appeal, but added that his administration will "take it up from there" if the appeal fails, in an apparent reference to the Supreme Court.

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Homeland Security Releases Rule on Employment Authorization

The Department of Homeland Security yesterday released the long-awaited H-4 employment authorization rule, allowing certain H-4 spouses of H-1B non-immigrants to receive employment authorization documents, according to immigration attorney Greg Siskind. Siskind Susser goes into detail about the new rule in its blog.

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