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Rogero: Knoxville Police Aren’t Immigration Agents

Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero said in a news conference yesterday that the Knoxville police “will not voluntarily be ICE agents,” Knoxnews reports. Rogero went on to say that it was a safety issue, as the city “cannot do that if people are afraid of calling us when something happens.” At the conference, stories were shared of immigrants who were afraid to even call the health department for services, in fear of being taken away from their children.
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Second Travel Ban Blocked; Trump Responds with Attack on Judiciary

President Donald Trump criticized the judiciary while on a visit to Nashville yesterday, saying that a federal judge in Hawaii struck down his second travel ban for “political reasons,” the Nashville Post reports. He made comments citing “unprecedented judicial overreach” and said that the Hawaii ruling “makes us look weak.” In addition to the order from Hawaii, a second federal judge in Maryland ruled overnight against a core provision of the ban, the New York Times reports.
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