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This section provides members the opportunity to exchange information with other immigration law practitioners and provides a newsletter to members on both federal and State immigration laws. It also provides annual CLE programming on immigration law.

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ICE Issues New Policy on Transgender Detainees

Federal immigration authorities will consider making decisions about housing, clothing and pronouns used for transgender detainees based on the gender they identify with, officials said yesterday. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) also will start tracking data for transgender detainees, train detention staff and draft individual plans for transgender detainees to deal with issues such as hormone therapy and safety. The move comes in the wake of criticism from advocates who say transgender individuals face an increased risk of sexual assault in detention. WRCB-TV has more from the Associated Press.

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New Website Presents Database of Collateral Consequences of Conviction

A new National Inventory of Collateral Consequences of Conviction is now available through a website produced by the National Institute of Justice and the American Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Section. The interactive site lets attorneys select one or more jurisdiction in the database, then identify legal sanctions and restrictions imposed. The work is part of the ABA’s efforts to reform collateral consequences so that they serve public safety goals, but do not impose high social and economic costs.

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