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This section provides a resource for lawyers who practice in intellectual property or have an interest in building an intellectual property practice. The practice areas of trademark, copyright, trade secret and patent law fall within this section.

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Music Modernization Act Clears U.S. Senate

The Music Modernization Act, a landmark reform in the nation’s music copyright arena, passed the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, The Tennessean reports. The bill, which aims to improve the music licensing system and increase digital royalty payouts to songwriters, received rare bipartisan support in Congress. A reconciled version of the bill must be approved by the House, and then it would head to President Donald Trump’s desk for final approval.
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U.S. Senate Unanimously Passes Music Modernization Act

Late Tuesday, the U.S. Senate passed the Music Modernization Act of 2018, S. 2334, a substantial piece of legislation reforming music copyright laws, The Verge reports. Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander lead the unanimous passage and renamed the bill to honor retiring Utah Sen. Orrin G. Hatch, who championed it from the beginning. Three pieces of legislation were combined in the bill in order to revamp Section 115 of the U.S. Copyright Act, including the AMP Act, the CLASSICS Act and the Music Modernization Act. The next steps for the bill include being reconsidered by the House, followed by President Trump ultimately signing it into law. 

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