Intellectual Property Section

This section provides a resource for lawyers who practice in intellectual property or have an interest in building an intellectual property practice. The practice areas of trademark, copyright, trade secret and patent law fall within this section.

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Amazon Announces Newly Developed Medical Record Mining Software

Amazon on Tuesday announced that it has launched a project to mine data from electronic medical records, allowing developers to “process unstructured medical text and identify information such as patient diagnosis, treatments, dosages, symptoms and signs, and more," CNBC reports. This is the latest move regarding Amazon’s foray into health care, after news in June that the company had been working on the ‘Hera’ project, developing software intended for insurance companies that can fill in gaps in data when doctors neglect to fully document an office visit. The company also confirmed another project in cooperation with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to use newly developed tools to analyze its data sets in efforts to prevent or cure cancer.

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G20 Summit will Focus on Intellectual Property

The Group of 20 Summit starts today in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and President Trump and President Xi Jinping of China are expected to discuss trade, intellectual property and the theft of American technology, The New York Times reports. The Trump administration has accused China of stealing American technology on numerous occasions. However, the article points out that these accusations are offensive to the Chinese and may be a barrier for accomplishing a trade deal at the summit. The administration and American companies have expressed distaste for several Chinese trade requirements, including joint venture requirements for American companies wanting to do business in China, requirements of foreign-owned research companies being built in China and a compulsory certification program for foreign products. All of these policies put sensitive American technology at risk for replication and theft. In response to the Chinese appropriating American technology, President Trump has imposed significant tariffs on over $200 billion of Chinese goods. China has eased joint venture requirements in some sectors and is implementing a new intellectual property appeals court system to remedy some of the foreign concerns regarding trade secrets.   

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