Intellectual Property Section

This section provides a resource for lawyers who practice in intellectual property or have an interest in building an intellectual property practice. The practice areas of trademark, copyright, trade secret and patent law fall within this section.

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Online IP Courses Now Available

Online programs offering insights into various aspects of intellectual property law are now available online. CLE sessions cover fair use defenses, Lanham Act updates, patent infringement and licensing updates, Tennessee’s statutory right of publicity, and international norms of intellectual property protection. Access courses at the links above.

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Led Zeppelin Duo Prevails in Copyright Suit

A Los Angeles jury today found Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page not guilty of copyright infringement on perhaps their most famous song, "Stairway to Heaven," CNN reports. The case centered on claims that Led Zeppelin copied key note patterns in the first two minutes of their hit from a song by the 1960s psychedelic band, Spirit.

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