Juvenile and Children's Law Section

This section provides a forum for lawyers who deal with juvenile and children’s law. It produces CLE courses related to this practice area, distributes a newsletter to section members, and works toward improving juvenile justice and children’s law.

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Criminal Law CLE Connects with Juveniles

Representing juveniles charged with crimes is the focus of this week’s Criminal Law CLE. On Friday, attendees will look at how to handle criminal cases that involve juveniles, as well as cases that involve adult clients charged with abusing and/or neglecting juveniles. Learn more or register for the the program.

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DA Wants to Change Child Abuse Laws

District Attorney General Brent Cooper tells the Daily Herald that the system for handling child abuse cases needs to be reworked. One change Cooper said he and other district attorneys across the state have advocated is to the current reckless endangerment laws, specifically the actual harm doctrine. "The way the law in Tennessee is currently structured, you can’t charge a parent with abuse and neglect unless the child is actually harmed," Cooper says.

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