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The section focuses on all traditional labor relations issues and matters arising in individual employment rights. A continuing legal education seminar on employment law issues is sponsored annually by the section, as is a regular newsletter.

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Appeals Court Finds Jeremy Durham Has Standing to Sue for Benefits

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that former Tennessee legislator Jeremy Durham, who was expelled from the House of Representatives two years ago, has standing to sue the state over health insurance and pension benefits he claims he is owed, The Nashville Post reports. Last year, the federal District Court ruled differently, saying Durham had no right to sue the Commissioner of Finance and Administration, the Director of Legislative Administration Connie Ridley and Treasurer David Lillard because they did not cause Durham to be expelled. The new ruling states Durham has standing “because his injury that he seeks to remedy is fairly traceable to the administrators’ conduct.”
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Roane County Man Latest Death Related to Kingston Coal Ash Cleanup

A Roane County man who spent two years working to clean up the Kingston Coal Ash Spill died last month, the latest in a series of deaths related the cleanup effort, Knoxnews reports. Harry Hemingway worked under Jacobs Engineering, who assured some 900 workers that the ash was so safe they could eat a pound of it a day. He died of multiple myeloma, a blood cancer linked to coal ash.
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