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This section provides the trial attorney with information on the most recent trends in trial techniques through annual seminars and its newsletter. The section currently produces a quarterly case update to the members of the section.

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TSC Upholds Standards for Statute of Limitations in Legal Malpractice Cases

In John Howard Story, et al. v. Nicholas D. Bunstine, et al., the Tennessee Supreme Court reaffirmed its commitment to following the “discovery” rule for determining when the statute of limitations begins to run in legal malpractice cases. At the urging of the plaintiffs, the Court analyzed other possible methods for determining when a legal malpractice action accrues, including the continuous-representation rule, appeal-tolling doctrine and final judgment rule, but concluded none was preferable to Tennessee’s current “discovery” standard. Justice Roger A. Page wrote the court’s opinion.
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Scottie Nell Hughes Speaks Out on Rape, Harassment Claims from Tenure at Fox News

Tennessee conservative political pundit Scottie Nell Hughes gave an in-depth interview to the Nashville Scene this week, detailing her lawsuit against Fox News and its anchor, Charles Payne, whom Hughes accuses of harassment and rape. Fox claims it found no evidence of wrongdoing on Payne’s part. Fox and other defendants have yet to file a response to the lawsuit, but are required to do so by next week. A pre-trial conference is scheduled for Dec. 18.

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