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This section provides a venue for attorneys to share views and to develop relationships with colleagues in this area of practice. The section offers CLE on issues impacting both tort and insurance law and sends out case updates to its members.

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Mitchell: Frivolous Lawsuit Bill May Discourage Abuse Claims

Rep. Bo Mitchell, D-Nashville, has announced that he is filing legislation to repeal a new law that was intended to prevent frivolous lawsuits, Humphrey on the Hill reports. Mitchell argues that the law could be used to discourage sexual abuse claims. “Under this new law, should you sue the state and a state employee and lose, you could be forced to pay their attorney’s fees,” Mitchell said. “Not all lawsuits are successful, but that doesn’t mean that they are frivolous.”

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'Pokemon Go' Raising Thorny Legal Issues

Pokemon Go is taking the country by storm. But with imaginary characters waiting to be “caught” on both public and private property, the game is “raising legal issues and public safety concerns.” Press headlines indicate people are injuring themselves and others in pursuit of the game, while private property owners are dealing with players swarming their land. The game’s terms of service disclaim liability for property damage, personal injury or death occurring while playing but thorny legal issues no doubt await. The ABA Journal has links to several legal articles on the issue.

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