Nashville Home to World's Largest 3D-Printed Structure

Nashville is now home to the world’s largest 3D-printed structure, Architect Magazine reports. Due to its shape and volume, early designs for the formation required a steel substructure to support its load, which would have tripled the cost. However, to eliminate the need for a supplemental steel reinforcement, Chattanooga-based architectural fabricator Branch Technology used the company's Cellular Fabrication (C-Fab) 3D-printing technology to prefabricate 40 panels off-site and assembled them on the designated spot in Nashville. 
The 20-foot-tall, 42-foot-wide structure is composed of carbon fiber–reinforced Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and finished with an ultraviolet protective exterior-rated metallic paint. Branch Technology has previously made headlines for a 3D-printed house scheduled to be completed and erected at Chattanooga State Community College this fall.
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Company to Build Home in Chattanooga Using Robotic Technology

A new architectural startup called Branch Technology will use 3D-printing robots to build its first home this year in Chattanooga, The South China Morning Post reports. Branch's machines will print the walls, roof and floor of the 1,0000-square-foot model over the span of a few months, and then a construction crew will assemble the components on-site.
Branch says that the construction process will produce less waste than traditional homebuilding because the machines will print only the necessary parts and that the method will make homes that are three to four times stronger than typical wood construction. The company estimates that the prototype will cost $300 to $400 per square foot to build but plans to get that price down before it starts selling homes.
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