Elephant in Tennessee Sanctuary Inspires New Law

An elephant now residing in a Tennessee sanctuary has inspired New Jersey lawmakers to take action, banning the use of wild and exotic animals in carnivals and circuses, the New Jersey Herald reports. "Nosey's Law” was proposed after the eponymous elephant was found allegedly suffering from arthritis and abuse by her handlers. The bill will exempt organizations overseen by the state’s Division of Fish and Wildlife and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said that he was "proud to sign ‘Nosey's Law' and ensure that New Jersey will not allow wild and exotic animals to be exploited and cruelly treated within our state."

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Judge Grants Writ in Case of Elephant Personhood

Judge Tracey A. Bannister of the Orleans County Supreme Court in New York state recently granted a Writ of Habeas Corpus for a Bronx Zoo elephant suing for personhood, Forbes reports. The legal team for the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) helped to secure the writ on behalf of Happy, a 47-year-old pachyderm who has been isolated at the zoo since 2006. NhRP has previously asserted personhood for chimpanzees, a move that was ultimately shot down in a New York appeals court. The court has scheduled a hearing for Happy’s case Dec. 14.

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Animal Rights Group Files Petition on Behalf of Elephants

The Nonhuman Rights Project has filed a second habeas corpus petition on behalf of three elephants living in a petting zoo, according to The Connecticut Law Tribune. The filing argues the elephants — Beulah, Minnie and Karen —  are autonomous beings and have the right to bodily liberty. The organization is seeking removal of the elephants, to relocate them to a California-based sanctuary.

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