Travel Ban

Trump Reveals New Travel Ban, SCOTUS Will Not Hear Oral Arguments

The U.S. Supreme Court said today it will not hear oral arguments on the travel ban case as scheduled on Oct. 10, CNN reports. After President Donald Trump issued a new travel ban proclamation on Sunday, the court now wants to hear from both sides if the issue is moot. The one-page unsigned announcement from the court is not a final decision, but simply removes the case from the current oral argument schedule. The new travel ban, announced just as the previous one was about to expire, now includes North Korea, Venezuela and Chad, while removing Sudan.
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Second Travel Ban Blocked; Trump Responds with Attack on Judiciary

President Donald Trump criticized the judiciary while on a visit to Nashville yesterday, saying that a federal judge in Hawaii struck down his second travel ban for “political reasons,” the Nashville Post reports. He made comments citing “unprecedented judicial overreach” and said that the Hawaii ruling “makes us look weak.” In addition to the order from Hawaii, a second federal judge in Maryland ruled overnight against a core provision of the ban, the New York Times reports.
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