TBASCUS (Tennessee Bar Association Seasoned Counselors Up to Something) offers programs and services to lawyers in the prime of their career. All Tennessee Bar Association members age 50 and up are included as members of TBASCUS.

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Lawyers Hindered Women Getting Vote 95 Years Ago

Celebrate the 95th anniversary of women earning the right to vote by learning more about the details of the struggle that took place in Tennessee. Knoxville lawyer Wanda Sobieski looks at Suffragists’ fight and how the lawyers of the state did more to thwart than help the effort for much of the time. In his article, Nashville lawyer Timothy Warnock answers the question “is revenue from concerts recoverable in copyright-infringement cases?” President Bill Harbison analyzes some of the differences between new lawyers and those who have been practicing a long time. Read these and other articles in the August Tennessee Bar Journal.

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50th Birthday: Wish You Were Here

Back in the ’60s and ’70s, the Tennessee Bar Association did a lot of traveling, offering cruises and other trips just for fun and to promote comraderie. Now the TBA generally meets within the state although its convention has in years past ventured to Asheville, North Carolina, and Destin, Florida. CLE Ski began in 1985 with classes being offered near the slopes of Utah and later, Colorado, and is still going strong.

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