Is Freedom of Information Act weaker today?

This week, March 11-17, is Sunshine Week 2007, designed to call attention to the laws that uphold the public's right to know what its elected officials and its government bodies are doing. The landmark federal Freedom of Information Act, first signed into law in 1966, may not be followed as closely these days, as more government agencies curtail the amount of information they release to the public, a report suggests. Read more in the Commercial Appeal:,2845,MCA_25346_5409683,00.html

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Knoxville, Tennessee
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Court: TSC


Court: TCCA


Antonius C. Douglas, Clifton, Tennessee, pro se, petitioner.

Robert E. Cooper, Jr., Attorney General and Reporter; Cameron L. Hyder, Assistant Attorney General; D. Michael Dunavant, District Attorney General; Joe L. VanDyke, Assistant District Attorney General, for the respondent, State of Tennessee.


The petitioner, Antonius C. Douglas, filed a post-conviction appeal following a guilty plea and conviction in Hardeman County Circuit Court. The trial court dismissed the petition, stating that the petition did not state a colorable claim. We conclude that the petition did state a colorable claim and therefore reverse the dismissal.


Court: TCCA


Christopher R. Whittaker & David Crichton, Assistant Public Defenders, Jackson, Tennessee, for the Appellant, David Jimenez.

Robert E. Cooper, Jr., Attorney General and Reporter; J. Ross Dyer, Assistant Attorney General; Jerry Woodall, District Attorney General; and Jim Thompson, Assistant District Attorney General, for the Appellee, State of Tennessee.

Judge: HAYES

The Appellant, David Jimenez, appeals the Madison County Circuit Court's revocation of his1 probation. In June 2000, Jimenez entered a best-interest guilty plea to Class D felony theft of property, Class D felony fraudulent use of a credit card, and to two counts of Class E felony failure to appear. As a result of these convictions, he received an effective eight-year suspended sentence. Jimenez was placed on supervised probation and allowed to return to Florida. In February 2005, a probation violation warrant was issued alleging that Jimenez had violated the terms of his probation by failing to report and by failing to pay restitution and costs. Following a revocation hearing, the trial court found Jimenez to be in violation of probation based upon a failure to report. The court subsequently revoked Jimenez's probation and ordered that the effective eight-year sentence be served in confinement. On appeal, Jimenez argues that the evidence presented was insufficient to establish that he willfully violated the terms of his probationary sentence. After review of the record, we affirm the revocation of probation.

Constitutionality of Senate Bill 125

TN Attorney General Opinions

Date: 2007-03-05

Opinion Number: 07-24

Validity of Pending Legislation Authorizing Solid Waste Disposal Control Board to Establish

TN Attorney General Opinions

Date: 2007-03-09

Opinion Number: 07-25

Forfeiture of rifle / hunting violations

TN Attorney General Opinions

Date: 2007-03-09

Opinion Number: 07-26


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Legal News
Outside study may decide for Shelby Juvenile Court
A Shelby County Commission committee this morning endorsed a contract with a Virginia-based nonprofit to study the Juvenile Court of Memphis and Shelby County. If approved by the full commission, the $50,000 study would be conducted by the National Center for State Courts. The commission is scheduled to vote on the contract this afternoon
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Violent juveniles to be held in more secure facilities
A new scoring system to determine the probability that a juvenile in custody is at risk for further criminal behavior is being used by the Tennessee Department of Children's Services' new Juvenile Justice Division, resulting in locking some of the offenders up in more secure facilities. But Rutherford County Juvenile Court Judge Donna Scott Davenport said she hasn't seen any improvement in how juvenile offenders are dealt with since the division was set up. "I do think the department is overworked and understaffed, and they are trying to make an effort," she said.
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Cookeville judge sees younger offenders and more of them
Putnam County Juvenile Court Judge John Hudson says not only has the number of offenders increased in the 11 years since he began the job, but they are getting younger and younger. Hudson's take on what's causing the increase: "There is the breakdown of the traditional family -- and the influence of television and video games."
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Hispanic lawyers not keeping up with population
Although Hispanics make up 13.9 percent of the U.S. population, only 3.9 of the nation's lawyers are Hispanic. And, the News Sentinel reports, even as the percentage of Hispanincs increases, Hispanic enrollment in our nation's law schools is falling off.
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Legislative News
Wilder back at home,
in 'good spirits'
Former lieutenant governor John Wilder was released from the Regional Medical Center at Memphis Sunday after being treated for injuries related to a fall, the Commercial Appeal reports today. Wilder, 85, sustained head injuries during a fall at his home Thursday, where he had arrived after the Senate's weekly sessions in Nashville, but was able to drive himself to get help.
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Thompson mulls it over, talks about positions
As former Sen. Fred Thompson weighs whether or not to run for the Republican Party nomination, he talked to Fox News Sunday about his positions on abortion, gay rights, gun control and Iraq.
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Look to insurance companies for blame, columnist says
Tennessean columnist Larry Daughtrey discusses tort reform and medical malpractice -- and suggests that insurance companies themselves, not doctors or lawyers, are causing of the problems.
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Memphis voters set to select new senator
Residents of Tennessee State Senate District 30 will select a new senator in Tuesday's special election. Republican Larry Parrish is battling Beverly Robison Marrero for the seat vacated by Steve Cohen, who was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives last fall.
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