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CLE Director Shearon steps down; Curl acting director

David Shearon, the first and only executive director of the Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education and Specialization, is resigning effective Oct. 31 to pursue his work in positive psychology. He has held the position since the commission's inception in 1987.

The commission has appointed its current assistant executive director, Andrea Curl, as acting director. The executive director is hired by the Tennessee Supreme Court. Shearon  also serves as director of the Lawyers Fund for Client Protection.
During his tenure, Shearon's accomplishments have included:
• leading the country in areas such as CLE credit for pro bono work

•  investing in the development of CLE speakers

• incorporating the only state-wide, scientific evaluation of CLE programs

• broadening the definition of ethics and well-being to include courses clearly focused on increasing attorney commitment, energy, and engagement with their practices

• implementing CLE credit for coaching

• overseeing a unique two-tiered approach to specialization that lets national accreditation organizations do what they do best, but keeps the state in the loop

• providing on-line course accreditations, attendance reporting, and attorney notifications for more than a decade

Over the past five years  Shearon has pursued  education and experience in the field of positive psychology. This work has included helping the Army develop resilience trainers, and training lawyers, judges, and others in the legal system in the skills of resilience and thriving.

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