Tennessee Legal Community Foundation

The Tennessee Legal Community Foundation is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, specifically to:

  • Educate and equip non-lawyers with the knowledge and skills pertaining to the law, the legal process, the legal system, and the fundamental principles and values on which these are based, and to conduct educational classes and seminars, paying instructors, publishing and disseminating material, and other activities consistent with the foregoing purposes;
  • Advance and promote the administration of justice and an understanding of the law by encouraging and supporting activities relating to the continuing education of the practicing lawyer and the introduction of the law school graduate to the practice of law;
  • Establish, support and conduct programs and activities designed to promote the public's understanding of the law and the legal system;
  • Promote a more effective delivery of legal services to the public at large;
  • Conduct research, investigations and surveys of subjects, problems and activities related to the law and its administration, and publishing reports based upon the results thereof;
  • Assist judges who are unable to perform their judicial duties adequately and attorneys who are unable to practice law adequately, because of substance abuse or any other reason, so as to maintain public confidence in the legal profession.