President Billy Leslie Nashville
President-Elect Brittany Faith Chattanooga
Vice President Quinton Thompson Memphis
Secretary John Carreras Chattanooga
Treasurer Justin Faith Chattanooga
East Tennessee Governor Alex McVeagh Chattanooga
Middle Tennessee Governor Sean Aiello Franklin
West Tennessee Governor Kortney Simmons Jackson
Immediate Past President Terica Smith Jackson
District 1 Hunter Shelton Greeneville
District 2 Amanda Howard Jamestown
District 3 Charles Sharrett Knoxville
District 4 Matt Knable Lenoir City
District 5 Logan Threadgill Chattanooga
District 6 Amber Vargas Cookeville
District 7 Kelly Gray Murfreesboro
District 8 Tiffany Hagar Lebanon
District 9 Rachel Bishop Nashville
District 10 Paige Barbeauld Clarksville
District 11 Charles Ferguson Franklin
District 12 Fredrick Culver Dyersburg
District 13 Austin Stokes Jackson
District 14 Kent Francis Memphis
CLE Committee    
Co-Chair Bevin Lyle Columbia
Co-Chair Will Mazzota Nashville
Executive Committee Liaison Sean Aiello Franklin
Diversity Committee    
Co-Chair Ariel Anthony Chattanooga
Co-Chair Cherrelle Hooper Nashville
Diversity Leadership Institute (DLI) Coordinator Dominique Winfrey Lakeland
Diversity Leadership Institute (DLI) Coordinator Angela Williams Nashville
Executive Committee Liaison Terica Smith Jackson
Long Range Planning Committee    
Chair Quinton Thompson Memphis
Reporter Vacant  
Middle Tennessee Representative (2020-2023) Ross Smith Nashville
East Tennessee Representative (2020-2023) Christina Magran Knoxville
Middle Tennessee Representative (2019-2022) Nina Kumar Nashville
Middle Tennessee Representative (2019-2022) Erica Marino Tullahoma
West Tennessee Representative (2021-2024) Vacant  
West Tennessee Representative (2021-2024) Vacant  
Member Services Committee    
Co-Chair Olivia Spears Nashville
Co-Chair Melody Shekari Chattanooga
New Attorney Liaison, East Laura Wyrick Greeneville
New Attorney Liaison, Middle John Wilks Nashville
New Attorney Liaison, West Denania Galloway Jackson
Health & Wellness Coordinator Kirsten Jacobson Nashville
Law School Outreach Coordinator Patrick Morrison Nashville
Law School Outreach Coordinator Samantha Ellis Knoxville
Executive Committee Liaison John Carreras Chattanooga
Mock Trial Committee    
Chair Zack Walden Knoxville
Vice Chair Ashley Tipton Nashville
Long Range Planning Coordinator Kati Sanford Goodner Knoxville
Executive Committee Liaison Brittany Faith Chattanooga
Public Service Committee    
Co-Chair Julia Hale Nashville
Co-Chair John Murphy Nashville
Youth Outreach Coordinator Charlotte Mattingly Cleveland
Access to Justice and Restoration Co-Coordinator Alix Rogers Murfreesboro
Access to Justice and Restoration Co-Coordinator Brian Bush Chattanooga
Executive Committee Liaison Alex McVeagh Chattanooga
Publications Committee    
Chair Alysse Layton Hendersonville
Vice Chair & Content Coordinator Darius Walker Nashville
Tennessee Young Lawyer Editor Allyson Lumpkin Atlanta
Executive Committee Liaison Justin Faith Chattanooga
Ad Hoc Bar Exam Committee    
Co-Chair Patrick Morrison Nashville
Co-Chair Samantha Ellis Knoxville
Executive Committee Liaison Billy Leslie Nashville
Sponsorships/Grants Chair Jessica Schultz Nashville
YLD Fellows Liaison Josh Dougan Jackson
East Tennessee Young Lawyer Delegate, TBA HOD Justin Faith Chattanooga
Middle Tennessee Young Lawyer Delegate, TBA HOD Mike Tackeff Nashville
West Tennessee Young Lawyer Delegate, TBA HOD Will Gibbons Memphis
ABA TN/KY District Representative Kortney Simmons Jackson
TN Young Lawyer Delegate, ABA HOD Alex McVeagh Chattanooga
Blount County Bar Association YLD Sarah Miracle Maryville
Chattanooga Bar Association YLD Stephanie Rogers Chattanooga
Jackson Madison County Bar Association YLD Christie Hopper Trenton
Knoxville Barristers Allison Jackson Knoxville
Maury County Bar Association YLD Bevin Lyle Columbia
Memphis Bar Association YLD Sarah Pazar Williams Memphis
Montgomery County Bar Association YLD Eric Lehman Clarksville
Nashville Bar Association YLD Hannah Kay Nashville
Northeast TN Young Lawyers Association Sarah Valk Johnson City
Upper Cumberland Young Lawyers Association Matthew McClanahan Crossville
Williamson County Bar Association Sean Aiello Franklin
Lawyers Association for Women Chapters    
Association for Women Attorneys (AWA) Meagan Jones Memphis
East Tennessee Lawyers' Association for Women (ETLAW) Courtney Read Knoxville
FAME Chapter Vacant  
LAW Anne Schneider Chapter Vacant  
LAW Marion Griffin Chapter Jessica Lim Nashville
Middle Tennessee Lawyers' Association for Women Vacant Murfreesboro
Southeastern Tennessee Lawyers' Association for Women (SETLAW) Lauren Starnes Chattanooga
Upper Cumberland Lawyers' Association for Women (UCLAW)    Vacant  
National Bar Association Chapters    
NBA Ballard Taylor Chapter Taylor Eskridge Jackson
NBA Ben F. Jones Chapter LaTanyia Walker Memphis
NBA Napier Looby Chapter David Jones Nashville
NBA S.L. Hutchins Chapter Torrey Feldman Chattanooga
Tennessee Alliance of Black Attorneys (TABL) Jamaal Boykin Nashville
Other Specialty Bar Groups    
Tennessee Asian Pacific American Bar Association (TAPABA) Robert Tom Memphis
Tennessee Lawyers' Association for Women (TLAW) Vacant  
Tennessee Stonewall Bar Association Charles McLaurin Nashville