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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Feb 29, 2012

The YLD produces a number of publications to govern its operations as well as to provide services to the public and the profession, including its Long Range Plan, Diversity Plan and Disaster Assistance Manual. Access these resources here:

Long Range Plan
The YLD first created a written long range plan in 1991. Each year, the plan is reviewed by the Long Range Planning Committee, which assesses the organization's success in achieving its goals. Every five years, the plan is revised as required by the division's bylaws. In 1997, the plan underwent its first major overhaul. Subsequent revisions were completed during the 2002-2003, 2007-2008 and 2012-2013 bar years.

Download the current Long Range Plan

Diversity Plan
The YLD adopted its first-ever Diversity Plan in June 2009. It was amended in January 2013 and again in June 2014. The plan is designed to increase racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, geographic, and practice area diversity within the leadership and membership of the YLD. Among other goals it states that it is the mission of the YLD to (1) actively recruit and retain diverse lawyers as members of the YLD and its leadership, (2) foster strong relationships with specialty and minority bars in Tennessee, (3) encourage diversity in the student bodies of Tennessee's law schools, (4) encourage members of the YLD to promote diversity in the larger legal profession, and (5) assess and evaluate the prevalence of bias in the profession.

Download the Diversity Plan

Disaster Assistance Manual
The YLD's Disaster Assistance Manual provides valuable information for lawyers volunteering to assist victims of natural disasters. The 84-page document addresses a wide range of legal and social service issues, and unlike other resources that have been used in the past, this manual is Tennessee specific. With sections on housing, social security benefits, food stamps, lost documents and more, the manual walks attorneys through frequently asked questions, supplies easy-to-understand answers and provides contact information for state and federal agencies that assist disaster victims. It is designed to provide attorneys with the tools they need to handle disaster pro bono cases with confidence.

The manual was created in April 2007 and has been revised three times, in 2009, 2011 and 2014. Special thanks goes to the original YLD Disaster Relief Committee - Chair Jay Johnson of Springfield, Vice Chair Ray Runyon of Clarksville, and Tara Aaron and David Changas of Nashville - for developing this tremendous member service product; and to former YLD President Lisa Richter of Springfield for making disaster legal assistance a key issue of her presidency in 2006-2007.

Download the Disaster Manual

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