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Posted by: Christy Gibson on Mar 13, 2012

We again have some very good articles, book reviews and other items of interest in the newsletter.  Thanks much to the contributors.  As always, if you have something you think is worthy of publishing or information you think would be of interest to the Section, please let us know.

You are reminded about the TBA Dispute Resolution Section's Annual Seminar, "Understanding Conflict: Neuroscience and Psychological Concepts and Their Practical Applications in Dispute Resolution," to be held April 12 at the TBA headquarters.  Participants include Chris Guthrie, Dean, Vanderbilt Law School; Dr. David McMillan, Ph. D., Dr. Gary Duncan, M. D., and Dr. Murphy Thomas, Ph. D. and experienced attorney-mediators, including John Blankenship, Stephen Shields, Ken Jackson, Margaret Huff, and Linda Warren-Seely.  Topical sections include Introduction to Neuroscience and Conflict Resolution, Psychological Theories and Conflict Resolution, Mindfulness and Conflict Resolution, Conflict Theories -- Insights for the Mediator, Ethical Issues, and Mediator's tools during each phase of the mediation -- convening, orientation, negotiation, and closing with particular emphasis on impasse.  A reception will follow the program.  You won't want to miss this informative program if you serve as a mediator or represent clients in mediation.  To register, go to

Wearen Hughes

Editor, Dispute Resolutions