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Posted by: Christy Gibson on Mar 14, 2012

This is the second installment of the new Section Newsletter, CORPORATE COUNSEL CONNECTION.  We will continue to provide up to date news and articles of interest.   If you have any interest in submitting an article for publication or some humor which may be entertaining to our readers, please contact me by e-mail at bseale@bushbros.comor by phone at (865) 450-4138.  All help will be greatly appreciated, especially great jokes (although, every article/joke may not be published).  We would appreciate articles that would be especially helpful to corporate counsel, however, articles of general legal interest will also be considered for publication.  …And now for the legal stuff -- I would be remiss if I did not mention that while the articles in the Corporate Counsel Connection may express the views of the author of the article, the articles do not express the opinion of the TBA or Corporate Counsel Section.  – Thanks, Bill Seale, Vice President General Counsel, Bush Brothers & Company.

Quotable quote:Sir William Blackstone on judicial restraint:  “If [the legislature] will positively enact a thing to be done, the judges are not at liberty to reject it, for that were to set the judicial power above that of the legislature, which would be subversive of all government.”