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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Mar 19, 2012

McCallie School Bests Chattanooga Rival for State Title

Members of the McCallie School Team from Chattanooga celebrate after being awarded the 2012 championship trophy in the 32nd Annual Tennessee Bar Association YLD State High School Mock Trial Competition.

Photo by Stacey Shrader

NASHVILLE, March 19, 2012 — McCallie School of Chattanooga claimed the state high school mock trial championship title this past Saturday, defeating rival school Chattanooga Southeast Tennessee Home Education Association, in the 32nd annual Tennessee State High School Mock Trial Competition. The team now will represent Tennessee at the National High School Mock Trial Competition in Albuquerque, N.M., on May 3-6.

The two-day state competition, which took place Friday and Saturday, involved 13 teams and 200 volunteers, including lawyers, law students and paralegals. In addition, sitting judges in the state presided over the trial rounds at the Metro Davidson County Courthouse in downtown Nashville. Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Gary Wade presided over the championship match Saturday evening.

The teams put their skills to the test arguing the fictitious case of Mid-South Insurance Liability Company, Inc. v. Denim N’More, Inc. – a civil case involving a struggling textile manufacturing business that is destroyed in a late night fire. Allegations of arson lead the insurer to deny any claims, while the owner denies any knowledge of or involvement in the incident. As always, the case involved its share of characters, including a secretary making $8,300 a month and a disgruntled employee who moonlights as a speed metal-bluegrass fusion musician, as well as a few clever “red herrings.”

It was McCallie’s second year in a row to compete in the championship round.It lost to White Station High School of Memphis last year. To reach the state competition, each team had to win its respective district competition held throughout February.

All photos by Marisa Combs unless otherwise noted.

Top 10 Teams

1. McCallie School, Chattanooga
Attorney Coach: Alicia Oliver, Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel

2. Chattanooga Southeast Tennessee Home Education Association
Attorney Coaches: Hamilton County Chancellor Jeff Atherton;
Scott Maucere, Maucere Law Group (Photo by Stacey Shrader)

Second Place

3. St. Mary's Episcopal School, Memphis
Attorney Coach: Lorrie K. Ridder, Ridder Hurd PLLC

Third Place

4. Kingsport Area Christian Home Education Association
Attorney Coach: David A. Greene

Fourth Place

5. St. George's Independent School, Memphis
Attorney Coaches: Lisa Lichterman Leach and Kimberly Brown-
Gibbs, Littler Mendelson PC; Alison Wetter

Fifth Place

6. Montgomery Bell Academy, Nashville
Attorney Coach: Wade B. Cowan, Davies, Humphreys, Horton &
Reese PLC

Sixth Place

7. Ravenwood High School, Brentwood
Attorney Coach: Ben Rose, Cornelius & Collins LLP

Seventh Place

8. Beech High School
Attorney Coaches: Thomas Dean, 18th Judicial District
Attorney’s Office; Ne'Keisha “Kee” McCormick, James A.
Freeman & Associates; Lindsey Ralston, Downard & Associates

Eighth Place

9. Harpeth Hall, Nashville
Attorney Coaches: Caldwell Collings and Lori Metrock, Baker
Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz; Megan Sutton

Ninth Place

10. Dyersburg High School, Dyersburg
Attorney Coach: Jeff Lay, Jones, Hamilton & Lay

Tenth Place

Team Sportsmanship Award

St. Mary's Episcopal School of Memphis took the Team
Sportsmanship Award this year, based on the votes of the
other teams and the presiding judges.

Team Sportsmanship Award

Individual Awards

Best Advocate for the Plaintiff

Miles Malbrough with Beech High School was named the competition's Best Advocate for the Plaintiff.

Bhavya Jha with St. Mary's Episcopal School took second place in the Best Advocate for the Plaintiffcategory.

Christian Talley with the McCallie School took third place in the Best Advocate for the Plaintiff category.

Best Advocate for the Defense

Jackson Lay with Dyersburg High School was named Best Advocate for the Defense.

Elizabeth Salsbury with Kingsport Area Christian Home Education Association (right) and Christian Talley with the McCallie School (left) tied for second place in the Best Advocate for the Defense category.

Best Witness for the Plaintiff

Sarah Vaughn with St. George's Independent School was named Best Witness for the Plaintiff.

Joey Harter with Ravenwood High School in Brentwood took second place in the Best Witness for the Plaintiff category.

Grace Gerlock with Kingsport Area Christian Home Education Association took third place in the Best Witness for the Plaintiff category.

Best Witness for the Defense

Eden Holmes with Ravenwood High School in Brentwood was named Best Witness for the Defense.

Mackenzie Warhurst with Kingsport Area Christian Home Education Association took second place in the Best Witness for the Defense category.

Conner White with Columbia Academy in Columbia took third place in the Best Witness for the Defense category.

Team Most Valuable Players (MVPs)

Caroline Yon, Beech High School

Vivian Hughbanks, Chattanooga Southeast Tennessee Home Education Association

Shekina Baum, Columbia Academy

Sean Stapleton, Dyersburg High School

Anna Russell Thornton, Harpeth Hall

Abbigail Stidham, Jefferson County High School

Jonathan DeTroye, Kingsport Area Christian Home Education Association

Daniel Caballero, McCallie School

Will Stewart, Montgomery Bell Academy

Ross Hildabrand, Ravenwood High School

Tara Schulz, St. George's Independent School

Amritha Kanakamedela, St. Mary’s Episcopal School

Blaine Coyle, West High School


Participating Judges

The mock trial competition would not be possible without the support of the Tennessee judiciary. The following judges served as presiding judges during one or more of the competition's trial rounds:

Judge Jon K. Blackwood
Senior Judge, Knoxville

Judge Lee B. Bowles
Marshall County General Sessions Court

Magistrate Judge Joe B. Brown
U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee

Magistrate Judge Edward G. Bryant
U.S. District Court for the Western District of Tennessee

Judge Paul B. Conley III
Crockett County General Sessions Court

Judge Jayne Crowley
Meigs County General Sessions Court

Chancellor Carol L. McCoy
20th Judicial District Chancery Court

Judge Amanda McClendon
20th Judicial District Circuit Court

Judge Lisa S. Richter
Robertson County Child Support Magistrate

Justice Gary Wade
Tennessee Supreme Court

Judge A. Wilson Wages
Municipal Court of Millington

Judge Thomas T. Woodall
Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals

Judge Andy Wright
Municipal Court of Mt. Juliet

Mock Trial Committee

Troy Weston
Eldridge & Blakney PC, Knoxville

Vice Chair
Candi Henry
Dodson, Parker, Behm & Capparella PC, Nashville

Committee Members
Sarah McKinney Coleman
Coleman Law Offices PLLC, Cleveland

Marisa L. Combs
Lewis, King, Krieg & Waldrop PC, Nashville

Kristen Corn
City of Franklin

Josh Dougan
Rainey, Kizer, Reviere & Bell PLC, Jackson

William P. Holloway
Schell, Binkley & Davies LLC, Franklin

Thomas S. Santel Jr.
Cope, Hudson, Reed & McCreary PLLC, Murfreesboro

Stacey Shrader
State Mock Trial Coordinator
Tennessee Bar Association, Nashville

Attorney Volunteers

Antonio Aguilar
Katrina Atchley
Ahsaki Baptist
Nicole Bermel
Buddy Bernstein
Michelle Bernstein
Shauna Billingsley
Robert Black
Josh Bond
Rebecca Brady
Brad Carter
Matthew Claiborne
Garth Click
Christi Dalton
Robert Dalton
Jason Demastus
Jackie Dixon
Kathryn Ellis
Joe Fanduzz
Amber Floyd
Kati Goodner
Nicole Grida
Mary Beth Haltom
Ben Harmon
Philip Hatch
Ian Hennesey
Jason Hicks
Ellie Hill
Ashley Holliday
Chuck Holliday
Dean Howell
Meredith Humbert
Natalie Ivey
Katie Jones
Burke Keaty
Jenny Keaty
Steven King
Aimie Luna
George Maifair
Corletra Mance
Chris McCarty
David McDowell
Bryce McKenzie
William McManus
Shane McNeil
Kelsey Miller
Scott Miller
Chaz Molder
Adam Moore
Rachel Moses
Ellen Neese
Jesse Nelson
Matt Potempa
Rachel Ralston
Michael Rocco
Michelle Sellers
Nathan Shelby
Daniel Starnes
Jason Steinle
Todd Tressler
Danny Van Horn
David Veile
Abby Webb
Allison West
Janika White
John Williams
Mason Wilson
Stacie Winkler

Law Student & Other Volunteers

Jeremy Cain
Ricardo Cortez
Mandy Floyd
Marcus Floyd
Rob Miller
Vickie Hellmer
Quan Poole
Phillip Ragler
Kenneth Walker

Local Competition Coordinators

District 1: Nicole Grida, Jonathan Nelson, Memphis
District 2: Ashley Holliday, Jackson
District 3: Cara Lynn, Columbia
District 4: Sam Dreiling, Franklin
District 5: Matthew C. Cox, Lauren Paxton Roberts, Nashville
District 6: Jay Johnson, Springfield
District 7: Jason Demastus, Chattanooga
District 8: Rachel Moses, Cookeville
District 9: Ashley E. Morris, Maryville; George R. Maifair, Knoxville
Districts 10 & 13: Jamie Ballinger-Holden, Knoxville
Districts 11 & 12: Erin D. McArdle, Jonesborough

Case Materials

2012 Problem (11-2011)
2012 Exhibits (11-2011) 
Errata Sheet (12-15-2011)

2012 Problem (Revised 3-1-2012)
2012 Exhibits (Revised 3-1-2012)
2012 State Team Resources
2012 State Volunteer Resources

2012 Rules
Frequently Asked Questions


The McCallie School of Chattanooga represented Tennessee at the 2012 National High School Mock Trial Championship May 3-6, 2012, in Albuquerque, NM. The team finished in the top 20, placing 16th out of 46 teams. McCallie student Christian Talley was named one of seven outstanding attorneys in the competition. Read more

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