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Posted by: Stacey Shrader Joslin on Mar 22, 2012

Tennessee Attorney General Bob Cooper recently issued opinions on a number of issues moving through the General Assembly. In an opinion released this week, Cooper said a bill that would require businesses to allow guns in their parking lots is constitutionally defensible. He said that while the legislation, SB 3002, pits two constitutional principles against each other – the right to bear arms and the right of businesses to control their property – courts in other states have found such laws constitutional. Read more in the Tennessean's political blog. On another issue, Cooper said that the state cannot broadly drug test people as a condition of receiving welfare benefits. That opinion comes in response to several bills pending in the state legislature. Cooper states that such requirements would violate federal laws regulating Social Security, the food stamp program and the state Medicaid plan, as well as the constitutional rights of welfare recipients who have a right not be tested unless there is suspicion of illicit drug activity. The Memphis Daily News has that story.