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Posted by: Christy Gibson on Apr 6, 2012

     Dear T.B.A. Juvenile & Children’s Law Section Member:

     I recently had the pleasure of attending the TBA’s mid-winter meetings in Nashville.  Your Bar Association, as always, has a lot happening and our section has been active.   Believe it or not, the Juvenile & Children’s Law Section had 159 members at last count.   That’s a significant increase over a few years. 

     Our annual full-day CLE presentation in early November was terrific (I’d like to offer a special thanks to the section’s CLE chairperson, Daniel Bryant, for his excellent work putting the event together).   We presented a segment of the General Practice Seminar back in August and, during the coming months, this section intends to offer several webinars on topics like ‘Trying a Juvenile Transfer Hearing’, ‘Some Legal Considerations Regarding Bullying at School’ and possibly one on the growing use of Permanent Guardianship in Dependency and Neglect hearings.  If you have other topics to suggest, we’d love your input.

     The TBA Website is undergoing a revision that will enhance visibility for each section.  Hopefully we’ll be able to post links to cases of interest to our section members.  I encourage you to use the Juvenile & Children’s Law Section list serve on-line.   The more communication….the more participation we have from our excellent members… the better our section functions.  


Truly Yours,

Carl E. Seely 

Attorney at Law

2011-‘12 Juvenile and Children’s Law Chair